The conflict between Shoigu and Yevgeny Prigozhin only confirms that the situation with artillery ammunition near the ROV is getting worse and worse every day. At the same time, they leak information about deliveries and short deliveries in quite detail to assess this situation …

the Marine Corps reported that PMC “Wagner”, in the Bakhmut area, from February 18 to 20 received 1660 rockets, 10171 shells for cannon artillery and mortars and 980 rounds for tanks.

In turn, Yevgeny Prigozhin whined that the Wagner PMC was not receiving 80% of the necessary ammunition.

And here it is very interesting, 80% of the lost shells, taking into account 10,171, is another 40,684 shells. That is, in total, Prigozhin expected about 50,855 shells for cannon artillery? Well, remember this figure, because further it will come up in the process of our reasoning with you.

In the meantime, our favorite rubric is “this entertaining mathematics”.

In particular, 980 shots for tanks is actually a full ammunition load for two tank companies from their firing during one active day. And this BC was delivered within 3 days.

10,171 artillery shells is 3,390 rounds over 3 days, and even less. In turn, an average of up to 200 rounds a day per kilometer of the front should account for an offensive in order to ensure an offensive, that is, with the current line of clashes along Bakhmut, more than 6,000 rounds per day.

But if Prigozhin had received 50,855 artillery shells, that would have been almost 17,000 rounds per day, or more than 550 rounds per kilometer of front. In general, this requirement is consistent with the tactics of the fire shaft, which the ROV at the very beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.

We can talk about the shortage of BC in the most active part of the database, exceeding 50% of the needs. That is, the information about the general deficit and the decline in the capabilities of the ROV to proportionally provide for their BC units is true.

Moreover, even in the hottest area in the DB zone, concentrating colossal forces and means, especially artillery, which the ROV near Bakhmut has the most of all sectors, they are not able not only to implement the tactics of the fire shaft, but even half to provide BC artillery

Prigozhin defends against disinformation. Times have changed

comment by E.V. Prigogine defending Wagner actions:
“I was informed that a certain video was being circulated on the Internet, in which supposedly fighters of the Wagner PMC with machine guns were shooting supposedly portraits of Gerasimov and Lapin, and commenting on this. I want to say the following: what the gunners of the PMC “Wagner” filmed and asked for ammunition – I confirm that this is the artillery division of the PMC “Wagner”.
As for this video, I did not see it, my guys described it to me in detail and gave their comments, who took it to pieces.
Firstly, we have snow everywhere, so these pretzels in shirts, most likely, were filmed somewhere in the southern directions. Second – “Pechenegs” are all brand new, brand new, we do not use painted ones. Thirdly, once again, I can simply confirm that this is not Wagner PMC, but nothing more than a Ukrainian fake.”

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