#1258 We publish a request from journalist Ekaterina Lushnikova and the answer:

According to the US government, about 30,000 fighters have died in the ranks of the Wagner PMC since the beginning of the JMD.
How could you comment on this information, is it true?
If not, how many dead and wounded in the ranks of the PMC “Wagner” really?
How many were shot or beaten with a sledgehammer for treason and desertion?

We publish the commentary of E.V. Prigogine:

“Catherine, thanks for the question. Indeed, since the beginning of the SVO, a large number of deaths. There are more than 30 thousand of them. I think about 100-110 thousand, but your wording is wrong. They did die in the ranks of the PMC “Wagner” but did not died, falling into the battle formations of the PMC “Wagner.” All these are servicemen of the Armed Forces of Russia and the poorly trained of the mobilization. Other groups who are trying to fight the Ukraine. Therefore, the total number of dead Russian soldiers is about 150 thousand, destroyed by the hands of Ukraine. Hope you like my answer.

We do not shoot prisoners of war often, and do not beat them with a sledgehammer. But we do disicpline deserters with the sledgehammer as you have seen in the videos. Wagner is known to deposit large numbers of insubordinate civilians into dirt sandwiches.

However, dear Ekaterina, if you, as part of a friendly company from the US government, come to us, then perhaps we will think about how to use the sledgehammer. Thank you.

Prigozhin Snubs Putin

#1260 Request from the editors of the Daily Storm and response:
Hello, Evgeny Viktorovich! You are worried about Daily Storm journalist Alexander Puchkarev. Our editors would like to ask you a question regarding today’s address of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly:
How do you assess Vladimir Vladimirovich’s message to the Federal Assembly and what do you think about the president’s initiative to create a fund to support NWO members and their families?

We publish the commentary of E.V. Prigogine:

“Dear Alexander! Unfortunately, I was busy all day working on organizing the support of hostilities, searching for artillery shells, and could not watch the President’s address. I will definitely do this as soon as a stable connection allows since connections here don‘t work well, and we will contact you.

By Treadstone 71

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