Cyber attack prep being finalized

Request for social media alignment by Iran Cyber Corp:

The appearance of cyberspace users was decorated with the image of the national hero of Iran

On the eve of the martyrdom of Haj Qassem Soleimani, the world champion of freedom-seekers, social media users have changed their profile picture to the image of Martyr Soleimani in a scan.

Browsing the web pages shows that this wave of people has started from the beginning of December and seems to continue until the end of December.

Coordinated change of profile image is one of the common, simple and effective ways to create waves in cyberspace.  #profile #Avatar

Iran Cyber Corps Channel

sepah cyberi iran

Starting streaming operations Changing profiles from tonight on the level of WhatsApp users and other cyberspace platforms using the above photo and in support of public scanning * Dear nation *

Please, in support of this scan, decorate your profile with this photo of a martyr.

Daughters of Haj Qasim – Mourning March

Simultaneously with the martyrdom of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) and General Haj Qasem Soleimani

Time: Thursday, January 7, from 2 p.m.

Location: Moving from the intersection of Hazrat Valiasr (AS)

With the presence of the families of the martyrs:

  • Ebrahim Hadi, Ghorbankhani, Hadadian,
  • Ahmadi Roshan, Allah Karam, Motusalian
  • , Khalili, Shiroodi, Jahan Ara, Khaleghipour,
  • Vesali, Sayad Shirazi, Plark
  • , Zolfaghari, Morteza Karimi, Nairi,
  • Ahmadvand, Shahbazi, Aali, Amini
  • , Seyed Jafar Hosseini, Ali Khalili and ….

دختررا حاج قاسم

گروه عزاداری   

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