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Russia Continues to be Duped Into Massive Ammunition Expenditures

The economy of the Russian Federation will not be able to ensure the conduct of an aggressive war in Ukraine in three months Literally : "Russia has spent a huge…

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Wagner (Вагнер) Recruitment: Lunatics Runing the Asylum

"Wagner" began to recruit patients of neuropsychiatric dispensaries - «Вагнер» начал набирать пациентов психоневрологических диспансеров Prigozhin's company - after being denied access to prisoners - switched to IPA patients, reports…

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Operational information on the Russian invasion

The main efforts are focused on conducting offensive actions in the Kupyansk, Lymansk, Bakhmutsk, Avdiivsk and Shakhtarsk directions. During the day, the enemy launched 42 air strikes and 5 missile…

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