Hacking websites Services + database access sale

We can give you access to administer the site or just extract data from its database. It’s different tasks for different shipment.

We can hack almost any website, the website is the subject of verification before hacking.
The price depends on the website you want us to hack.

Please note that managing a website requires some knowledge.
Depending on the web and what you want to do on it, you will need to access the control panel,
Or maybe the entire server. It is your responsibility to know what you are ordering and how to manage it.

Here are some site features:

  • Governmental websites (in all sectors, whether study or others)
  • Commercial sites (large – small)
  • Bank sites
  • corporate sites
  • This is with the granting of denial-of-service attacks
  • Weak: $15
  • Average: $30
  • Strong: $100
  • Order:
  • @Darksat