Wagner PMC Continues African Ops

The Wagner Group continues to fulfill all obligations regarding its presence in African countries, and is currently conducting active offensive operations to advance to key populated areas of the country.At the same time, the military contingent of some Western countries prefers to imitate their activity in suppressing the activities of terrorist groups, and some even completely leave the countries where the “orchestra” is present. So, for example, in the first three photos there are advancing…

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Failure of the Russian army, the Russian command, and the Russian defense

Putin: APU counteroffensive is a failureThis is a failure of the Russian army, the Russian command, and the Russian defense,” Putin forgot to add.APU are moving to the second line. According to the Ukrainian military, "it is protected and equipped much worse than the first, and less combat-ready military formations are engaged in its defense."

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PMC “RSB Group” and several other RU recruitment efforts –

Russian PMC recruitment. Multiple groups MAIN OFFICEPMC "RSB Group"Address: Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky, 14, building 2Tel. multichannel:+7 495 984 04 16Email:Personnel service:Tactical Training Courses:Contact us via Skype: rsb-ciREGIONAL OFFICE FOR WEST AFRICA AND THE MIDDLE EASTCompany: RSB-Group AfricaAddress: Dakar, Senegal Residence Hacienda, Villa 144Eledinov Sergey ValentinovichPhone: +221 78 582 05 06+221 77 465 29 58Email:REPRESENTATIONSTürkiyeCompany: ASA SHIPPINGAddress: Fatih sqr.Bahctyolu ave.939 str, Ozyurtlar Residence 23. Esenyurt. istanbulPhone:+ 90 212 2370224GERMANYAddress: Wilkestr. 8a, 13507 BerlinAnton WiechersPhone:+49 157 8026 57…

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Prophetic Words from Prigozhin

“We still have a gold fund, which is gradually being kicked out, because the gold fund is men with balls. They are not ready to lick the asses of the upper management - they are ready to be honest.Today we have entered the boiling point. Why am I being honest? Because I have no right in front of those people who will live in this country further - they are now lying. Better kill me.…

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Chronicle of military activity on the territory of Belarus for July 24

🛩 Air activity▪️Aviation activity was observed at the Machulishchi airfield. The flights of helicopters of the Air Force of the Republic of Belarus and the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation were recorded.🚂 Railway activity▪️Not fixed.🚛 Road travel There were no large convoys with equipment of the RF Armed Forces (10+ units). Single cars and small columns were seen in Mozyr. A large convoy with equipment from PMC "Wagner" (80+ units) was spotted on the…

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PMC Redoubt Receuiting. Grozny Volunteers

The recruitment of candidates for the company is open!PMC Redoubt!Men with experience in law enforcement agencies, various specializationsRequirements:- Age - 25-45 years;- Good physical preparation;- Service in special forces will be an advantage;- Lack of ongoing prosecution by law enforcement agencies;Payment - from 240 tr. per monthContact phone+79628588024Whatsapp! ANNOUNCED MILITARY SERVICE RECRUITMENT ON A SHORT-TERM CONTRACT VOLUNTEERS AGED 20 TO 49 PLEASE READ BEFORE CALLING US - Who do we accept as volunteers? Men with…

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Shoigu requires cleansing

The liquidation of “Prigozhin’s friends” continues in power structures.

Shoigu requires cleansingThe liquidation of "Prigozhin's friends" continues in power structures.Shoigu, as the leader of one of the most influential corruption clans in Putin's entourage, went crazy at the confrontation with Prigozhin and demands to remove everyone who is seen in any sympathy for alternative power control centers.Dozens of officers, several generals and a huge number of technical workers went under the knife.Shoigu suspects everyone who participated in the Bakhmut arc, so he demands to…

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Putin’s Appeal

Text of the appeal Today I once again appeal to all citizens of Russia. Thank you for your endurance, solidarity and patriotism. This civic solidarity has shown that any blackmail, any attempt to create internal turmoil is doomed to failure. I repeat, the highest consolidation of society, executive and legislative power at all levels was shown. A firm, unambiguous position in support of the constitutional order was taken by public organizations, religious denominations, leading political…

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Armies, special services and intelligence in Russia will be private

A Russian Viewpoint Armies, special services and intelligence in Russia will be private. To a high degree, up to 50%. Let's live like in the United States. For the layman, it will be even less clear what kind of group of dangerous men in striped swimsuits is. Is it a private government contractor? Or is it the state itself? Or is it just Vasya Pupkin's company? Go figure it out. The arguments for are quite…

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As of June 2, almost all 99% of the Wagner PMC units left Bakhmut. All positions were transferred to the Ministry of Defense,” Prigozhin said and accused the ministry of provocations

"As of today, there are no provocations against us from the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, however, surprises were waiting for us from the other side. We found about a dozen places where various explosive devices were placed, ranging from hundreds of anti-tank mines to tons of plastid. Those who laid these charges, they were representatives of the Ministry of Defense. When asked why you did it, they poke their fingers up. "Prigozhin…

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