How Patrushev and Sullivan agreed on negotiations

Recently, through a number of Western media, a rumor has entered the press that the West will put pressure on Ukraine to launch a negotiation track.

And against the background of a fairly organic information game of the Ukrainians, the Russians deployed their track of “zrada” (betrayal) with relative efficiency.

The funny thing is that as a result of playing on their own field of informational insinuations about the negotiations, the Russians confused themselves, as a result of which they sincerely believed in the nonsense that they “prepared” for the Western press. So “hit everyone”, including the authors of the manipulation game.

Now Moscow is hoping for a successful negotiation line through Washington on “Istanbul” 2.0 terms (after the March talks on peace earlier this year) But here the Russians just lied for too long, so they became victims of their own lies.

The contact line with Washington is implemented on two axes of power influence.

Through Patrushev and Shoigu, a number of consultations were indeed held with Washington. But it is difficult to call what happened consultations. It was a warning of possible consequences: the mildest form of reaction to the use of the “dirty bomb” was demonstrated, after which it completely disappeared from the Kremlin press. We wrote about the fact that personal threats help against Putin immediately after the appearance of “nuclear concern” ( See the post below )

“Axis of idiots” is based on contacts with Shoigu. Washington clearly understands that Shoigu is Putin’s ear, therefore it directly sets the rules of war, speaking about the consequences of the expansion of the conflict. The diplomatic track is not implemented through Shoigu: all “information” is sharpened by “an expression of readiness to move to a new level of intervention in the war,” after which Putin and his terrorist power brotherhood retreat from their grandiose “nuclear” war plans. In fact, through Shoigu, Washington indirectly threatens Putin personally.

Far from diplomatic, but similar to that, is the Patrushev axis on one side of the tube and the Sullivan and Burns groups on the other.

It was they (representatives of Washington, seeing the interest of the Russian side) who “promoted” the negotiation topic in order to:
a) identify the understanding of martial law in the Russian Federation

  • identify short-term and long-term concessions that Moscow is ready to make
  • reveal the weaknesses of Moscow from its own lips
  • carry out information attacks on the “Western European powers” to state the fact that the war will end, but for its successful end, it is still necessary to increase the supply of military equipment so that Ukraine dictates the terms of peace at the negotiations.
  • reveal the real readiness of the Ukrainian leadership to wage war to the end, and, accordingly, identify the “moles” within the higher structures of Ukraine who want to surrender the interests of the country.

The operation is brilliant. Washington accurately and adeptly lures the Kremlin into its own “negotiation trap” and slams the cage shut.

Colleagues from the Republican Party report that only rare stupid representatives of the Trumpists are adherents of the negotiations and remind your obedient servant that the Republicans are lobbying and holding most of the military-industrial complex enterprises, therefore, of course, there will be no cessation of supplies, “no matter how the red-haired beast tries to manipulate his populist illegitimate throne.”

An Iranian View

“To the decision makers of Iran”

From tomorrow, Russia will become “much” closer to the ruling republican rulers, and they will implicitly support Russia by putting pressure on Ukraine, and then by understanding with America behind the scenes, “Russia will finally distance itself from Iran as it did in the past” and Iran will be more isolated. will be.

Probably, based on its national interests, which is the country’s right to make policies, Russia will sell Iran for one or two cents in exchange for understanding in Ukraine and good relations with America!

And we will stay and the heavy case of interference in the security of Europe….

I suggest based on Iran’s national interests:

  • Iran should get ahead of Russia this time.
  • The decision makers know very well a package of immediate solutions to keep distance from Putin and restore relations with Europe.

The Dirty Bomb Case

Of course, the “dirty bomb” case is a sad fake spread by the Russian authorities. But – and this should be emphasized – through the constant statements of Shoigu, Horses and Nazi Nebenzi, the image of a dirty bomb is “legalized” in the press.

Moscow slept when it called London, informing the British that the Ukrainians, under the leadership of the British intelligence services, were planning to use “dirty nuclear weapons” on Ukrainian territory.

Two questions immediately arose:
1) Why would Ukrainians use a dirty bomb allegedly possessed by Ukraine on the territory of their own country?
2) Why does Shoigu tell the British about the plans of the British themselves?

But to understand the situation, it is necessary to recall the pre-war era, when the Russians said that Ukraine was planning to launch a military operation against Luhansk and Donetsk.

In fact, the Kremlin is implementing the old “reverse” scheme, which raises serious concerns, since every time the simple trick was used, Russia carried out the actions prescribed to the other side.

Today, the Kremlin is saying that it will regard the use of a dirty bomb as an act of nuclear terrorism, in fact, talking about the use of tactical nuclear weapons in response to its own provocation under a false flag.

London, Washington and Europe suggest such a development of events. The only question is whether the West will be able to escalate the situation enough to frighten Moscow away from such “so don’t get you to anyone” tactics after another major imminent military defeat of Russian troops.

Let me remind you that last time the talk about a nuclear strike was stopped immediately after the West began to consider options for using anti-bunker shells against Putin personally.

By Treadstone 71

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