Prigozhin accused Shoigu and Gerasimov of issuing direct orders not to give “Wagner PMCs” not only ammunition, but even sapper shovels for digging in. He equated the attempt to destroy the Wagner PMC with treason.

February 22

Public bickering continues between the Ministry of Defense and PMC Wagner.

The day before, the defense department announced that it was fulfilling all the Company’s requests for the supply of ammunition. By tradition, without mentioning its name.

Prigozhin denied this information, saying that 80 percent of PMC requests are not being fulfilled.

In general, shells are now not enough for everyone. But only among the “musicians” there is such an active advance, the inertia of which must be supported by the necessary amount of work of artillery and aviation.

At the same time, Artemovsk is not something separate. The situation along the entire line of contact depends on what is happening there.

Newly leaked video of Prigozhin’s 15-minute prison recruitment speech in Russia for Wagner PMC battalions from Nov 2022.

💀 Tough!

After a long neglect of the topic with the BC for the “musicians”, the Ministry of Defense rolled out a report that it supplies everything to unnamed “assault units” in the Artyomovsky direction.

Prigogine’s answer was not long in coming. He called it all a lie, which he is ready to back up with documents. Adding that they didn’t even receive Wagner’s sapper shovels.

It is noteworthy that all this is happening today – after Putin’s speech about interaction for the sake of victory. But since the topic has already moved into such a plane – accusing each other of lying and communicating through the media and TG – one of the parties is definitely lying. This is all to put it mildly.

As the cretin Pivovarov says in his videos: “And on our channel, you draw all the conclusions yourself”

Personally, I need a victory in NWO. Full. All other options already mean death. Moreover, for the whole of Russia.

By Treadstone 71

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