In the decade of suffering, when the dictatorial regime of the Islamic Republic brazenly celebrates its sitting power, #عدالت_علی once again hacked the prisons organization of the Islamic Republic and #اوین prison.

Training to shoot directly to the chest by the task force. Violating the rights of captives and beating see in the prisons of the regime.

The moment supporters of the oppressive regime of the Islamic Republic show their strength in the streets in support of the regime, we invite our dear compatriots to express their solidarity with the political prisoners by demonstrating in front of the prisons.

We start the Fajr decade by exposing the two selling nations

Position: “Responsible for execution of sentences and amnesty and release”
But don’t hesitate! In the regime of the Islamic Republic, there is no smell of amnesty and freedom in the implementation of the decrees

In the regime of the Islamic Republic, a fellow countryman is hanged with every call to prayer
In the regime of the Islamic Republic, the call to prayer smells like execution.

And these two exposed people are responsible for executing the sentence. We also have a call to prayer… the addresses of these two criminals are available in this post…


By Treadstone 71

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