Israel is helping the “Nazis”, and US biolaboratories are still “working” in Ukraine.

Pro-Kremlin Telegram channels spread the following narratives:

Russian troops continue their offensive:

  • The Wagnerites dislodge the ZSU from Bakhmut
  • the Russians are destroying the equipment of the Armed Forces
  • Ugledar becomes the second Bakhmut
  • Foreign mercenaries are opposing the Russians in the Avdiiv direction
  • the Russians went on the offensive near Kreminna

Discrediting the Armed Forces:

  • Ukraine hides high losses
  • A house in Kramatorsk was destroyed by the Armed Forces
  • Ukrainian-speaking soldiers despise Russian-speakers

Discrediting mobilization in Ukraine:

  • Critical condition with the completion of troops
  • People with disabilities are invited
  • Create new brigades from mobilized ones
  • Mass mobilization is a fad of the West

The USA puts pressure on other countries in its interests:

  • Israel, under US pressure, helps the “Nazis”
  • Germany lost its subjectivity
  • American biolaboratories in Ukraine
  • The West puts Ukraine in a dead end

Channels targeting Donbas promoted videos of Russians with the slogan “Russians do not abandon their own” and also discredited the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian authorities. Official messages of the Ministry of Defense of Russia glorifying the Russian military on the front lines were also circulated.

By Treadstone 71

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