As quoted directly from IRGC channels:

Mr. Minister of Foreign Affairs, wash your mouth before mentioning the name of Martyr General Soleimani …

The result of the US field commanders was the defeat of the United States in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Afghanistan, and the result of your diplomacy is a hat to open the door …

Those who are informed were not shocked by your words, you are the one who, by signing a foreigner, blackened the lives of 85 million Iranians like your own thoughts ‌

The name of Qassem Soleimani is very, very heavy for your mouth and the likes of you.

The glorious farewell of the Iranian nation with the body of Arba Arba Shahid Soleimani was a proof of his correctness, but what about you, Mr. Diplomat?
Qassem Soleimani created honor and pride for this nation, but what did you do?
Mr. Amir Kabir (!) You put the loose hat of JCPOA on the nation, you destroyed the nuclear industry, you opened the door of the important and vital infrastructure of this country to foreigners and you prepared the conditions for sabotaging the enemy, you plunged the economy into black soil  Did you sit down and finally talk about interfering in the affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

The result of your diplomacy:

1- Assassination of the highest-ranking military figure of Iran and the Resistance Front

2- $ 32,000 Tomans

3- Assassination of Iran’s most senior nuclear scientist

4- Leaking the above secret nuclear documents to Israel

5- Destruction of the country’s nuclear infrastructure

6- Two sabotages in Natanz nuclear facilities

7- The catastrophe of people’s livelihood

Mr. Zarif, a mouth that smiles for the enemies is not worthy of talking about Martyr Soleimani …

Revolutionary Guards

sepah pasdaran


By Treadstone 71

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