Charlie #Hebdo hacked – 21GB up for sale

Charlie Hebdo magazine was hacked by hackers, and they offered the company’s 21 GB data and files for sale for 50 thousand dollars.

A French law firm was the victim of a ransomware cyberattack last June, RTS has learned. It allowed confidential files to be leaked in connection with the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the murder of teacher Samuel Paty. A criminal complaint has been filed.

This is a known unprecedented data breach, which RTS became aware of while investigating hacks that took place in Switzerland. They relate to ultra-sensitive documents, relating in particular to anti-terrorism.

In total, 1,300,000 files, representing 820 gigabytes, were hacked in a French law firm, active in Paris and Lyon in particular. A firm specializing in helping victims working in several high-profile cases, such as the Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2015 or the terrorist murder of teacher Samuel Paty a year ago.

Result: thousands of files related to these two cases can be found on the darknet today. And that, for ten days.

These documents contain an astronomical amount of sensitive information relating to the investigation file of the two cases. There are acts of investigation, such as technical reports, illustrated with photographs, or reports of the hearing of witnesses and defendants. There are autopsy reports, phone tapping accounts with the names and phone numbers of those interviewed.

But also requests or judgments, as well as correspondence between the parties and the prosecution. Several documents contain the names, first names and, sometimes, the contact details of the investigators, magistrates or police officers involved. These documents reveal how the French anti-terrorist police work. What software it works with. We also learn which potentially dangerous organizations are under surveillance.

$ 50,000 for Charlie Hebdo files

However, not all of this data is available for free. The hackers, by the name of Everest Ransom Team, clearly differentiate the two cases. They are selling Charlie Hebdo files for $ 50,000. However, files linked to Samuel Paty are not monetized.

The darknet page where the hackers detail their catch.  [darknet]

The darknet page where the hackers detail their catch. [darknet]And for all of the 1,300,000 documents relating to other matters, you have to pay $ 100,000. It is a real data theft supermarket that is at work on the darkweb. In contempt of the secrecy of the instruction, of the medical secrecy, even of the secrecy of State.

Lawyers “particularly concerned”

RTS contacted the law firm that was the victim of the hack on Tuesday. He indicates that he immediately lodged a complaint as soon as he became aware of the leak. A complaint for blackmail and fraudulent access to an automated data processing system was filed on June 11 with the police. An investigation is currently underway. It is carried out by the National Police’s Digital Operational Investigation Laboratory.

At the same time, the law firm has undertaken operations to contain the effects of this attack. He recalls that his servers are hosted in datacenters with all the appropriate certifications. He says he is “particularly concerned about this situation”. “Our firm,” he writes, as well as the clients we defend, are the first victims of this act of piracy. “

Raphaël Leroy / boi