hamrah hamrah

#Hooshyaran-e Vatan comtinues to dump #Mahan data (you know, the one the regime said was contained)

As a part of our efforts to expose the long-term cooperation between Mahan Air and the QF, and following our exposure of the Hamrah and Utab Gasht companies, we investigated the identities of the people involved in carrying out this operation, both Mahan Air employees and QF members alike.All the information here is based on findings from internal Mahan Air emails and documents, as well as various information saved on the Mahan Air network and…

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Complete list of “Hamrah Hamrah” passengers from Mahan Air’s check-in system – #Hooshyaran-e #Vatan

Direct from Hooshyaran-e VatanWhen searching for some more exotic destinations, we found more than we expected. Here is a complete list of “Hamrah Hamrah” passengers from Mahan Air’s check-in system. When inspecting the list, you will find that while they mainly fly to Damascus, they also have flights to other destinations, including Beirut, Baghdad, Kabul and Istanbul. This may indicate covert QF activity in these areas. This list can point out QF activity worldwide, and…

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#Hooshyaran-e Vatan to release more information on #Mahan

Yesterday, using materials from the internal Mahan Air network, we had shown how deep the cooperation between Mahan Air and the IRGC-QF runs, and in which regards Mahan aids QF.Today we will be explaining the details and numbers of their cooperation. Following is the full passenger list from the Mahan Air Tehran-Damascus route, from Mahan’s check-in system, since 2017 and until today. Notably, the majority of passengers on this list are “Hamrah Hamrah” anonymous passengers…

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