Ukrainian aircraft targeted by Iranian defenses–Armed Forces General Staff Announces Downing of Ukrainian Airline with a Spin of US Indirectly at Fault

Finally, after three days of denying and disseminating false information, the Islamic Republic was forced to confess to destroying the Ukrainian flight and killing all passengers.In an hour-long press release, the General Staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran, admitted the error while trying to blame the United States.

The Islamic Republic, although forced to accept the missile attack because of undeniable evidence, continues to lie about the whole story. If the lives of the people were valuable to this regime, it would not route aircraft during the IRGC’s missile launch against US bases in Iraq.If the lives of the people were valuable to this regime, its “sensitive military center” would not be near the airport.

These images show #PS752 flying the same route and altitude as it should always fly and no deviation.

Flight radar 24 photos of flight route #PS752 between November 2 and the night of the rocket attack (January 7).

As usual, the route was always on track and approaching the sensitive military center is another lie.

Neither the change of height was suspicious nor the sudden redirection.
Images released by flightradar24 after the Joint Chiefs of Staff statement.

Statement Below

The noble and revolutionary nation of Islamic Iran;In the wake of the heartbreaking crash of a Boeing Ukrainian Airlines plane early Wednesday morning, in the wake of a missile attack on the US base of criminals and the possible impact of military action on the incident, the Armed Forces General Staff immediately investigated. This possibility led to the establishment of an inspection team of technical and operational experts, independent of the State Airlines, to which the results of a round-the-clock examination of this delegation are made available to the Honorable People of Iran:

5 – Following the threats of the President and the military commanders of the criminal US to target a large number of targets in the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the event of a counter-operation and in view of the unprecedented increase in air traffic in the region, the Islamic Republic’s Armed Forces Potential threats were at the highest level of readiness.

In the hours after the missile strikes, US terrorist forces’ warplanes around the country increased, and some reports of air strikes targeting strategic centers in the country were reported to numerous defense units and targets on some radar plates. It has caused more sensitivity in air defense units.3 – In such critical conditions, the Ukrainian Airlines departed from Imam Khomeini Airport. While in its pattern, the plane flew in close proximity to a sensitive military center of the IRGC. The height and shape of the plane is much like a hostile aircraft. In these circumstances, the plane was accidentally hit by a human error, which unfortunately resulted in the martyrdom of dear compatriots and the death of a number of foreign nationals.

2 – The General Staff of the Armed Forces, while expressing condolences to the grieving families of foreign nationals and apologizing for the human error, giving full assurance that the pursuit of fundamental reforms in the operational processes at the Armed Forces prevents a repeat of this accident. We immediately reported errors to the Armed Forces Judicial Organization to deal with any legal issues.

1- We was also announced that the relevant authorities in the IRGC will present detailed explanations to the people as soon as possible in the national media.

Ukrainian Airlines Flight to Military Sensitive Center at Times of Crisis

According to the official statement of the Armed Forces Staff, the strange move of the American Boeing towards a sensitive military center and human error caused the Ukrainian Airlines plane to crash.Why was the Ukrainian pilot diverted to a sensitive military base?Was there any intention of terrorist operations?Of course, human error overshadows the first major ‘slap operation’ against the United States, and the millions mourning at the Haj Qasim Suleimani funeral.

Not long ago, human error led to a sudden surge in prices that caused a surprise for the country.Armed Forces General Staff should investigate the Ukrainian pilot’s move to sensitive military base.

Iran admitted that the missile defense was the cause of the downing of the Ukrainian plane, which the Kayhan newspaper has described in today’s article as a “lie”, a “cheating America”, a “psychological warfare” and a “false western scenario”.