Операции обмана, когда запись всегда включена

Наращивание Россией сил вокруг Украины - последний пример того, что некоторую информацию больше нельзя удержать в секрете"), в котором говорится, что за последние восемь лет...

Featured Courses | Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence –

Our Featured Courses We continue to update and add new courses and course bundles to our offerings. If you do not see what you need,...

Intelligence Community Tradecraft Training Coming to Amsterdam

cyber intelligence and counterintelligence training comes to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cybercrime (hiding activities in cyberspace) more #Iranian training

Friday, September 6, 1:50 pm The purpose of the training course During this course you will learn how to use the internet, social networks, etc....

The Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Drone Intercept (along with the #Muddywater hack on the F-35 in Turkey)

Hypo-Hack or actual. Either way, they did it. Iranian UAV theft of the Lockheed Martin RQ-170

Cyber Intelligence Training 2019

CYBER INTELLIGENCE TRAINING Online Course Registration open now - www.cyberinteltrainingcenter.com 2019 Course Dates - Locations  Jan 14-18 Cyber Intelligence - Amsterdam, NL March 4-8 Cyber Intelligence...

Singapore – Cyber Intelligence Training

Cyber Intel - Brochure and Signup Cheque: make payable to : MaitreAllianz PteLtd Mail to: 3 Queen’s Road, #10-163, Singapore 260003 Bank Transfer: MaitreAllianz PteLtd...

Clandestine Cyber HUMINT 

CLANDESTINE CYBER HUMINT/OSINT COURSE Course snippet non-inclusive of Tails, Tor, Dark Net, and Oryon: Treadstone 71 2017 Intelligence Training Courses - Sign up now or...

We regard the use of these weapons (nuclear) to be illegal and haram. AEOI CTF – Iranian Nuke Capture the Flag

“…Nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapon for none.”

INSA Opens Nominations for 2017 Achievement Awards

Members of the intelligence and national security communities are encouraged to nominate their peers and partners from government, private industry, and academia for the 2017 Achievement Awards, the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) has announced. The Achievement Awards recognize up-and-coming leaders and mentors serving or supporting the U.S. national security mission.

Join us at the 2016 ISSA International Conference!

See you in Dallas – November 2016

Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence and Counterintelligence – Course Overviews and Dates

Intelligence analysis per standard tradecraft

Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Target-Centric OSINT Course Overviews

“With my extensive experience working in the Department of Defense on active duty and federal contractor, this training provided industry professionals with a greater perspective for intelligence analysis. The training taught state of the art concepts and applied them to real world scenarios establishing a solid understanding on utilizing these intelligence tradecrafts to effectively predict and prevent cyber actors from exploiting their organizations. Individuals new to the cyber intelligence field or professionals who want to fine tune their skills in the intelligence field should strongly consider this training for any intelligence analyst or security professional.”

Drone Attack! Swarm with Hazardous Waste Payload

Prepare drone swarm operators before handling radioactive payloads
Begin taking iodine pills
Saturate thyroid to block uptake of radioactive iodine
Drink red wine before and after exposure
Protects chromosomes from radiation damage
Drink green tea before and after exposure
Inhibits intestinal absorption of Strontium-90
Apply essential oils to exposed skin on the day the radioactive payloads are placed in the attack drones

Cyber Threat Intelligence – All-Source Intelligence – Successful Program Build

Proven services, years of experience, in-depth knowledge – Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Training and Services

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