Shield of Iran

The Shield Iran security team has officially launched its activities in cyberspace and social media.

Our goals:

Discovering and maintaining the security of Iranian sites

Defense of the country in the field of cyber security

Programming and building all kinds of software

Hack and security training

The websites of a Sierra Leonean bank, a Taiwanese company and a human rights institute in Calcutta, India were hacked to “take revenge for Qassim Suleimani”

A hacker group calling itself the “Shield of Iran” hacked the websites of several companies and businesses in various countries around the world and posted an image of #Suleimani as the background. Persian rap music that starts with the sound of helicopters, gunfire and conversation in Persian.

The Turkish site of the University of Karabuk was infiltrated by the Shield Iran team

Treadstone 71 Cyber Threat Intelligence Webinar Series