Post from Israeli Cyber Firm on Saudi and Anonymous Islamic Team
Hacking Network attacks

And passwords of more than 15,000 Israelis, the Israeli cyber intelligence company White-Hat announced.

The two groups of hackers, Saudi Hackers and Anonymous Islamic, are taking an active part in an attack campaign against Israeli sites, and have already published personal details and passwords of Israeli users on several sites.

According to White-Hat’s white hacker team, the two groups of Islamic hackers have released the details of more than 15,000 Israelis.

Information is no longer so personal

The publication first appeared on the Pastebin website, and through the company’s intelligence systems, the information was analyzed by intelligence researcher Shai Rosen.

According to the researchers, members of the Saudi Hackers group published 5,485 Israeli data, including emails, usernames, passwords and IP addresses.  Members of the Anonymous islamic group published 9,788 data on Israelis, including usernames and passwords.