Cybercriminals are carrying out cyber attacks aimed at Israeli websites

The following is from Richard Guedes as posted by the Anonymous Islamic Team Hacking Network. Several hacks executed by the Team have been claimed by others, news organizations repeat the claims without validation.

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In recent months, I have been following some groups of cybercriminals who carry out cyber attacks targeting Israeli websites.  The attacks are attributed to the hacker groups “Black Shadow, Stormous Hacker, Anonymous Islamic, Army of Islamic Hacker, and Iggy Card Blackhat”, after the attacks carried out by these groups by publishing their leaks in their Telegram groups.

Cybercriminals who may be linked to Iran and Egypt have infringed Israeli companies in the health, e-commerce, government and Internet hosting sectors, removing many of their websites, among other things.  According to information from the Jerusalem Post and the local press.  A group of hackers known as Black Shadow took responsibility for the attack, and posted the data on Telegram, but not only Black Shadow but also Stormous Hacker, Anonymous Islamic and Blackhat_Egy_Krd, are carrying out attacks in the wild against Israel.

The cyber attack hit sites including those of the Israeli public transportation companies Dan and Kavim, and the data leak of IDF employees, followed by Pegasus Tourism, the Israel Children’s Museum, a public internet radio blog and others.

According to Yahoo, the hacker group claimed responsibility for the attacks by publishing a set of data on the Telegram messaging service, such as names, phone numbers, identities, photos, and email addresses, of purported customers.  Telegram users saw a message from the hackers on Friday, in which they said they had “news for you”.

According to Yahoo, the Israeli press claims that Black Shadow is a group of hackers linked to Iran who use cyber attacks for criminal purposes.  The group had already breached data from Israeli6 insurance company Shirbit in December last year, and stole a treasure trove of data.  At the time, the group demanded a ransom of $1 million and began leaking information when the company refused to pay.

According to Arab News, the new attack comes after an unprecedented and undeclared cyber attack that destroyed Iran’s oil distribution system last week.  Iranian media blamed opponents of the government abroad.  The attack on its intranet-based system allowed drivers to purchase subsidized fuel with government-issued cards, causing long queues at gas stations.