Anonymous Islamic Team

Yemeni Hackers Decide ro Align with Putler

After a deep investigation into the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, it became clear to us the true path in launching the attack, and the line of attack that would be on Ukraine was determined. #AnonymousIslamic The attack on Ukraine was announced on today 3/7/2022 #Op_Ukraine#Anonymous_islamic#The_Yemeni_Ghost

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#etisalat targeted revenge for #UAE strike in #Yemeni Internet

The nature of the UAE’s attack on the Internet will not go wrong, and there will be surprises that may turn the table above their heads, with the same amount of damage that has befallen Yemen. #wait for us Incorporation:August 30, 1976 Type :public joint stock company [1]Legal form : Headquarters :Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates website Anonymous IslaMic

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Cybercriminals are carrying out cyber attacks aimed at Israeli websites

The following is from Richard Guedes as posted by the Anonymous Islamic Team Hacking Network. Several hacks executed by the Team have been claimed by others, news organizations repeat the claims without validation. Fuck you In recent months, I have been following some groups of cybercriminals who carry out cyber attacks targeting Israeli websites.  The attacks are attributed to the hacker groups "Black Shadow, Stormous Hacker, Anonymous Islamic, Army of Islamic Hacker, and Iggy…

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