From Christchurch to Niffati Mosque in Ain Zara, #Tripoli

Alleged #Wagner PMC elements burned down this mosque and it’s Qurans during the LNA’s retreat from Southern Tripoli. They marked the walls with anti-Islam graffiti. One translation reads as: “We have seen mosques before in #Russia, but it is more beautiful to see them burning, or in hell.” White Supremacist markings are also shown: “White power”,”14/88″ and a ᛋig rune.

These men are also attributed with marking a local house with similar graffiti alluding to the neighborhood homes being mined.

They appear to have left canned pork containers near the mosque.

It should also be noted that Tripoli-based, pro-govt news outlets initially assumed the writing was a bible verse. And that this event was concurrent to the peak of the #BLM Riots in the U.S. Not so.


By Treadstone 71

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