Ukraine Digging Trenches along the Border – No End to Putin’s Aggression

The State Border guard service of Ukraine using trench digging machine to dig out Tunnels & Bunkers on the Russia – Ukrainian Border preparing for any eventuality.

As Putin tries to reset the outcome of the Cold War in one fell swoop.

Aggression, is defined as an act or policy of expansion carried out by one state at the expense of another by means of an unprovoked military attack. Something Putin has done in Georgia, Artic Expansion, Withdrawal from the Arms Treaty, South Ossetia, Russian Aggression against Georgia, Using Gas as Extortion against the Ukraine, Syrian Civil War supporting Assad’s use of Chemical Weapons, Veto of the UN Resolution on Syria (to end violence), Russia Invades Ukraine taking over Crimea (little green men), Cyber attacks and influence operations, Russia Shoots Down MH 17 over Ukraine (missile strike, 298 dead), Institutionalized Cheating at the Olympics, Russian Bombing of Syrian opposition, Poisonings of opposition figures (Skripal), Assassinations (Nemtsov), Falling from Hotels (high floors), Manipulating the 2016 Election, Russia decriminalizes some instances of domestic violence, Massive Cyber Attacks against NATO, the EU, and the US, Vote Rigging in Russia (against Navalny), Russia’s non-adherence to its nuclear testing moratorium, etc., etc., etc.  

Deliveries of Russian natural gas to Germany through the Yamal-Europe pipeline have been completely halted, this morning. – Gas Extortion (just another Putin tool of coercion). 

Why do we think appeasement is a solution?