Treadstone 71 on I24News Live with David Shuster – 9/28/2017

  • Hybrid warfare – conventional, irregular, terrorist, criminal
  • Non-linear warfare includes those plus cyber, information, economic, diplomatic, political, cultural, religious, and social means

Treadstone 71 on I24News

  • Subvert the enemies social and political structure – political and social agitation, remove confidence in a system, sow seeds of discontent, pit brother against brother = create confusion and dissent. – Used to confuse, lie, misrepresent, destabilize, and facebooktwittererode the current social order the current political order
  • It can easily be said that social engineering is the exploitation of human behavior and trust.
  • Propaganda that fits my beliefs and further accentuates the ‘truth’ although false, in that belief
  • We plan… They plot. We are clever… They are sneaky. We form strategies… They conspire. We have convictions… They are fanatics.
  • The overwhelming preponderance of people have not freely decided what to believe, but, rather, have been socially conditioned (indoctrinated) into their beliefs.
  • Their thinking is largely comprised of stereotypes, caricatures, oversimplifications, sweeping generalizations, illusions, delusions, or self-serving rationalizations.
  • They see the world through ethnocentric and nationalistic eyes.
  • They stereotype people from other cultures.
  • They resent being “corrected,” disagreed with, or criticized. They want to be re-enforced, flattered and made to feel important.
  • We have a deep-seated sense of duty to authority- adults will do extreme things when instructed to do so by an authority figure
  • Social Validation (Consensus) – the behavior/opinions of similar others