Hybrid war is an environment of non-parallel reactions in the direction of denying and drawing intermediate and effective goals.

The ambiguous nature of a “hybrid war” makes it very difficult or even impossible to detect or even determine the events after they occur.

Why? Because deceiving the enemy and neutral observers is one of the main components of shaping efforts.

Media; It is considered an important and decisive factor in the degree of change of public opinion as well as obfuscation against the goal set by the scriptwriters and actors.

When the media is used strategically in an international context, it integrates “narratives, interests and goals” and they express the ultimate direction and suggest to their audience how to achieve it.

The tools of cognitive warfare are designed in such a way that they affect the way people interpret and react to vital information, in such a way that people doubt the government and leaders of their society, and even no longer have a desire for the realities in society.

The second basic goal of cognitive warfare; Influence among the target population. The basic purpose of influence is achieved through manipulation of interpretation and awareness of the surrounding world.

In this particular area, the perpetrators can direct their actions in a way that benefits the criminals. The goal of influence is very different from instability, and the final result for a group inclined to a specific issue or challenge is more within the influence framework.

By Treadstone 71

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