Post 11 – Full Data Dump SEA The Foot Soldier

Treadstone 71

This is the final (well maybe close to final) post on the Syrian Electronic Army and their data. The SEA Foot Soldier exposed along with glimpses of SEA leadership. Time to share the wealth and look for other linkages and wisps.  Second and third order effects will be triggered. Counter to –

For those of you wishing to test your big data capabilities – here you go. For those of you wishing to examine content for patterns, trends, linkages as well as aggregate and anticipatory analysis – here you go. The Facebook traffic is quite interesting but will take some time to digest.



The information to be found is enormous and data flows, tendencies, as well as culturonomics, intense. Understand that this is an open download – open source data to be honed into intelligence. Be aware of purposeful denial and deception. Utilize structured analytic techniques based upon questions asked and hypotheses developed. Remember to maintain objectivity.

The downloads will take some time. Be patient. Analyze your findings. – Facebook friends, groups, twitter followers, forums, resumes, visas, passports, bills of lading, account information, userids, passwords, email addresses, birthdays, marriage proposals, phone numbers, home addresses, attack plans, attack tools, unemployment information, recorded messages, pictures, contact lists, general conversations, IP addresses, phone bills, photographs, travel plans, college course information, college grades, and other information.

***** CYBER INTEL TRAINING ***** July 13-17 – Devens, Massachusetts

***** CYBER INTEL TRAINING *****July 13-17 – Devens, Massachusetts

Shared by Treadstone 71 – quid pro quo is most welcome as well as any underlying themes discovered. Sharing of new methods, data points, information and actionable data appreciated –

Files may not always be available. Some files may require a password – try the filename – not all files are located at all links due to file size limitations, PST Viewer Pro, X1 Search, DocDiscovery E-Mail ID Farmer are tools for data extraction.!nQ9xgRyZ!L2-cREz-k892zLhr1i8GNQ

(More Links to be Posted – same data)



Treadstone 71

Culturonomics – Studies human behaviour and cultural trends through the quantitative analysis of digitized texts. Researchers data mine large digital archives to investigate cultural phenomena reflected in language and word usage.

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