Today we’re giving you a real cyberweapon. Meet CYBER-YOZH. Press Attack button and CYBER-YOZH will bomb enemy’s websites just like Bayraktar drones were bombing Putin’s troops.

Please do not close browser tab — it is important to keep it open in order to get cyberbullets to its final destination.

Below there is a number of cyberbullets that CYBER-YOZH shots per second. Increase it if you’ve good internet-connection & powerful PC.

Glory to Ukraine!

Targeting more sites

Current target: Number of threads: 10 ATTACK!

[Forwarded from DDOS on the country of SEPARS (Cyber-Cossacks)]Attention: we attack sites with false Russian television

URL: – lies 100% | verify
Port: 80 / http
443 / https

URL: – lie 100% | verify
Port: 80 / http
443 / https

Beat the phones and turn on the DB1000N on the PC

The sites have already gone to bed. But let’s keep them in this state until 14:00

By Treadstone 71

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