Post 10 – Hatem Deeb – Continuation – Facebook / VK

A group of hackers called ” European army e “in his Twitter account published this week images of the three founders of the Syrian army-mail (SEA). According to the report, the organization’s leader is Ali Farha known as “ViVa ThePro”.

According to the report, this guy (pictured below) are reading AlAmir Mohammad Hasan. He is the founder of the SEA and he was executed by the rebels in Syria.

This guy (pictured below) are reading Hatem Deeb. Is a member of SEA. It stores them to the sites. Russian citizenship.

Hatem Deeb – VK – Hatem Deeb _ VK (PDF) – Zain Deeb – VK (Hatem’s brother) – Zain Deeb _ VK (PDF)

SEA on VK – Syrian Electronic Army _ الجيش السوري الإلكتروني _ VK (PDF) – Instagram -SEA – official_sea2 on Instagram (PDF)

Instagram SEA Followers – officialsea2 – Instagram Followers (PDF)

HatemDeebThis guy (pictured below) called Ali Allosh. Is a senior member of SEA.

AliAlloshAccording to the report, other members in SEA are: Mohammed Moqaus, Mohammed Noaman.