Adam Maqdissi – A forgotten dossier

From October of 2013 – a forgotten dossier for reference and alignment:

Maintains an iTunes account using the email account Current location: Mezzeh, Damascus, Syria Mezzeh (Arabic: المزة , also transcribed as al-Mazzah, el-Mezze etc.) is a municipality and a relatively new neighborhood of Damascus, Syria. It lies to the southwest of central Damascus, along the Mezzeh highway. It started gaining importance when the French constructed Mazzeh Military Airport there, which was the main airport in Damascus until Damascus International Airport was opened. It also held the notorious Mezzeh prison until 2000. The current presidential palace is on the top of Mount Mezzeh and overlooks all of Damascus.
Mezzeh is nowadays one of the most modern and expensive areas of Damascus, especially the areas along the Mezzeh highway. It is also a major embassy neighborhood.

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Adam MaqdiSsi – Dossier