Report internet fraud:

This section introduces web content that is considered criminal by the people. Members can be distinguished based on the 5 following paragraphs; identifying offending Web sites for tracking and report to officials.

The content of the website is based is based upon the following criminal offenses:

Section A: Content against public morals and ethics

  1. Production, distribution, and trading of pornographic and vulgar content, including audio, video and written, true or false, and in different formats (video, photos, animation, online games, computer games, cartoons, etc. . .)
    1. Porn: show full nudity or male or female genitals, intercourse or a sexual act.
    2. Vulgar: The contents of a sexually stimulating images.
  2. Promote and sell products related to illegitimate and illegal sex.

Section B. contents against Islam

  1. Insulting Islam and its principles, insulting the Fourgerdabformteen Infallibles (SAW), insults and abuses against lslam and the realm of divine messengers.
    1. NOTE: The Fourteen Infallibles (Arabic: معصومون‎ Ma‘sūmūn) are Twelver Shī‘ah Islam religious figures from between the 6th and 9th century whom Twelver’s believe are infallible, i.e. “divinely bestowed [with] freedom from error and sin”. This quality of infallibility is known as Ismah. The Fourteen Infallibles are Muhammad (SAW), his daughter Fatima Zahra and the Twelve Imams.
    2. PBUH – Peace Be Upon Him
  2. Insulting Imam Khomeini, the Supreme Leader using animals and mutilated bodies to mimic certain of comments the leader has made.
  3. Promote attitudes and deviant religious sects (such as the Baha’i, Sufi, Satanism, etc.) and any such emerging false religions.
  4. The promoting of superstition witchery, palm reading, summoning spirits (séance) and the like

Section A: Content against public peace and security

  1. The setup and formation of cyber threats and radical acts of online terror and propaganda.
  2. Ethnic issues – trying to create a rift between ethnic groups and national security.
  3. Disclose and reveal the secrets and official documents (both military and civilian).

Section D: The Content on government and public officials

  1. Spreading lies against official and unofficial (explicit or otherwise) and with the intent to harm the Islamic Republic.
  2. Insulting and slandering the government and public institutions and organizations

Section E: The content for computer crimes and other offenses used

  1. Incite or encourage people to use drugs and psychotropic substances, commit suicide and violence
  2. Advertise for criminal activities such as the establishment and promotion of the economic pyramid schemes (organizations)
  3. The release of a virus, VPNs, proxies and other methods to circumvent government cyber controls
  4. Links to websites (including blogs and sites) that are blocked by the government (both domestic and foreign)

5 – Training on unauthorized access and eavesdropping, spying, disruption of computer systems.

Dear user,

Be rewarded by reporting … know we will verify what you send. We who perform Internet content filtering are grateful for your efforts.

So turn in anyone you wish since we watch you, you watch your family and friends, they watch you, the watchers are watched by other watchers and they are watched by us. 

By Treadstone 71

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