#Iranian boasts and chest-thumping from Sardar Hossein #Salami – Commander-in-Chief of the #IRGC

Salami indicated on Tuesday at the conference of Basiji professors of the country's universities in Mashhad: Today, America cannot implement any plan it has in the region, and its objectives…

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Hybrid Operations and Cognitive Warfare Actions by Iran Continue Against Opposition Groups

Treadstone 71, LLC, your primary source for cyber intelligence and counterintelligence training and services, released in-depth details of Iranian intelligence-backed hybrid operations and cognitive warfare actions. "Iranian intelligence uses social…

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RF Gov: If We Want Your Opinion, We’ll Give It To You!

The Ministry of Justice excluded 15 foreign non-governmental organizations from the relevant register, closing their representative offices in the country:✔️ Carnegie Endowment for International Peace;✔️ Amnesty International;✔️ Human Rights Watch;✔️…

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