Treadstone 71 Baseball Cards


Treadstone 71 has been performing cyber intelligence operations since 2004, long before the bevy of current experts claimed their market space. We gave trained hundreds in cyber intelligence collection, persona development, production, and organization, structured analytic techniques, analysis, reductionism, synthesis, analytic writing, and dissemination. This posting us on targeting and “baseball cards.” Targeting focuses on achieving stakeholder objectives. It is the function of targeting to achieve efficiently those objectives within the parameters set at the operational level, directed limitations, the rules of engagement, or rules for the use of force in the cyber world, and other guidance given by stakeholders.

baseballcards2Targeting seeks to create specific desired effects through adversary infiltration and data extraction. Target analysis encompasses all possible means to create desired effects, drawing from all available capabilities. The art of targeting seeks to create desired effects with the least risk and expenditure of time and resources. Targeting is a fundamental task of cyber operations that encompasses many disciplines and requires participation from skilled intelligence operators with many different capabilities that far exceed technical skills.

At Treadstone 71, we perform target value analysis to develop proper adversary targeting. We align stakeholder requirements with proper collection and analysis of high-value targets, individuals, and organizations. This coincides with developing an understanding of adversary courses of action.  This is represented in reports as well as graphic intelligence summaries.

baseballcards3The Treadstone 71 Baseball Cards cover geographic concerns, high-value individual dossier information, personal history, patterns, tendencies, trends, semiotic analysis, reports, imagery, links, previous courses of action, standard operating procedures, significant activities, as well as many other attributes and functions.  Whether stand alone or aggregated into a whole, Treadstone 71 Baseball Cards assist in driving decision making, help drive priority intelligence and information requirements, ensure delivery of effective, timely, relevant, and credible information that can be assessed for further action related to cyber threat situational awareness.  To learn more, contact Treadstone 71 at 888.714.0071 –

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