Crises Level ORANGE #Iran Under Cyber Attack

Announcing the state of complete readiness of the Iranian regime in Assaluyeh and Kangan
Crisis Management Staff of Pars Special Economic Energy Zone One and Two (including Assaluyeh and Kangan) announced the production of petrochemical and gas products in this hub, according to information received from the relevant state-of-the-art organizations.

Accordingly, forces, facilities, rescue machines, crisis management, firefighting and emergencies have been put on alert on an “orange” level with urgency.

The level of preparedness includes gas refineries, petrochemical projects and complexes, South Pars Special Zone, terminals, health of the petroleum industry and oilfields, and similar orders are expected to be issued for Mahshahr Special Petrochemical Area.

Iran claims this to only be due to normal army activities.

The raise would be seen internally (Iran) as normal training exercises while the real reason is to make preparations for an increased threat (like moving to DEFCON It is their Readiness Level Orange: Passive Defense Alert on Petrochemicals in the South of the Country

President.IR was also a target in this attack.

Orange level warning refers to the possibility of a “high probability” hazard. Ilna News Agency ( released the letter and news Friday morning but soon deleted the document.

“The announcement of the status of Orange in the context of the exercises in the field of defense is inactive and does not indicate the likelihood of a possible threat,” the Noor News website quoted an unnamed source as saying. The website also added that the exercise was “purely petroleum and petrochemical and not public.

Some petrochemical websites that appear to be compromised:
Mobin Petrochemical:
Barzeviye Petrochemical:
Morvarid Petrochemical:
Tondgoyan Petrochemical:
Bandr Imam Petrochemical:

NetBlocks reports that network and Internet disruptions in Iran’s public and industrial sectors are confirmed.

List of centers that have been affected.