A senior official of the US government, who did not want to be named, said that the US estimates that Russia has received “Mohajer-6” drones as well as “Shahid” drones in several days this month.



However, he added that Russia has faced many problems this month for using Iran-made drones in Ukraine.

This American official said that Russia is looking to acquire hundreds of drones from Iran.

He further said, “We assess that Russia plans to use these Iranian drones, which are capable of air-to-ground attacks, electronic warfare, and targeting, on the battlefield in Ukraine.”

From August 10

On August 28, a Boeing-747 cargo of the Iranian Air Force arrived in Moscow. A day later, the delegation returned to Tehran.

Reuters news agency reported on September 8 (August 30): “According to a senior official of the US government, Russia has faced “numerous failures” with the Iranian-made drones it acquired from Tehran this month for use in the war with Ukraine.

The official, who did not want to be named, said that the United States assesses that Russia received Mohajer-6 and Shahid series drones within a few days this month. The official said it is likely part of Russia’s plan to acquire hundreds of such devices.
This official said: “We assess that Russia intends to use these Iranian drones that can carry out air-to-surface attacks, electronic warfare and targeting on the battlefield in Ukraine”.

On Monday, Ukraine announced it had breached enemy lines at several points near the southern city of Kherson as it struggles to retake territory. “Moscow said that the counter-offensive in Kiev by shelling the port city of Mykolaiv was defeated by Russia.”

The history of exporting drones abroad goes back to Lebanon’s Hezbollah forces and Mohajer 2 series drones

Russian Overview of Iranian Drones


MOHAJER. ABABIL. Ababil-2. Multi-purpose UAV with a range of 120,200 km.
Launch is carried out using a catapult or from the ZATO platform
Multi-purpose UAV, range 120-250 m. has improved surveillance capabilities, capable of carrying Almas guided anti-tank missiles, as well as guided bombs of the Chaem family
Multi-purpose UAV with a range of 480 km. driven by a simple three-bladed propeller. Carries Almas guided anti-tank packs and Gh em family guided bombs
Multi-purpose UAV, range 1700 4000 km. Hecet controlled anti-tank missiles Almas w guided bombs of the Chaem family Cruise missiles Heydar-1/2. The machine is able to work continuously for about 30 hours, the ceiling is 7600 meters or 25000 feet
Multi-purpose UAV, dost 200 km. Carries the boss of the bomb family Gharm.
Maximum speed. 194 km/h altitude up to 4600 meters or 5000 pounds
Multi-purpose UAV, range 800-1000 km. Launch carried out using a catapult. Equipped with a Toloue 4 turbojet engine.
Capable of carrying: Azarakash guided missiles – Balaban guided bombs
Kowsar medium-range anti-ship missiles: -Shafagh laser-guided missiles;
Simorgh cluster bombs: – Yasir guided glide bombs
Maximum flight speed 900 KM / Maximum flight altitude 9000 m
Reconnaissance UAV Mohajer-2 -30-50 km, 2m 150 km. Also capable of carrying 500 lb MK-82 laser-guided bombs
Multi-purpose UAV, range 150 m is launched using pneumatic catapults. Can carry a camera for mule and pet surveillance and/or up to 4 x precision missiles.
Built for tactical thrills spread at a top speed of 120 mph
Mohajer 6 Multi-purpose UAV, range 200-2000 km, capable of long-term surveillance and hitting armored targets. Can take off from a short runway Carries Almas guided anti-tank missiles and guided bombs of the Ghaem family
Multi-purpose UAV, range 200 km; capable of hitting armored targets carries Misagh air-to-air missiles
UAV Able to perform bare reconnaissance missions and has a cruising range of 24 4 Dadost 1700 km Used in Syria. There are suspensions up to 4 ammunition
Drok-kamikaze with a range of about 100 km. Takeoff is carried out from the EATO platform

It is not known exactly when the Mohajer 2 UAV entered the service of the armed forces of Lebanon, but as the first UAV of this force, it was very successful and even today it is working in the service of this force.

There is no reliable report of the use of this drone in the 33-day war, but in several cases of border conflicts and several reconnaissance and even infiltration operations, this drone was used for the Lebanese Hezbollah forces, and it was very successful, and with several successful operations in its record today. It is still in the possession of Lebanese Hezbollah forces

Of course, the Mohajer 2 drone has been seen armed and unarmed in the tests of the Venezuelan drone forces

Another drone of our country in terms of export, which has been a very successful drone, is the Ababil 2 drone

Ababil 2, in its mainly suicide version, has been exported to countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen, and recently to Tajikistan, and has been very successful in the battles of the resistance front.

Today, this UAV is still used in the structure of the armed forces of our country and these mentioned countries, and it is used for testing defense systems, suicide attacks, and even reconnaissance operations.

Another drone of our country, which itself or sometimes its technology has been exported and has an active and successful presence in the battles of the resistance front, is the Shahid 136 drone.

A suicide drone with a special platform that was very successful especially in the Yemen war and could carry out very successful attacks against various targets.

Today, this drone has been seen in our country and by forces such as Hashd al-Shaabi of Iraq

Mohajer 6 is another drone that has been very successful in exporting drones in the export market

So far, this drone has been exported to countries like Venezuela, Iraq, and Ethiopia, but there is a possibility of exporting it to countries like Lebanon, Tajikistan, Russia, and Belarus.

Mohajer 6 UAV was able to work very successfully in the hands of the Ethiopian forces and free the capital of this country from the siege.

The published pictures from this country indicated the destruction of a large number of tanks using air-launched ammunition, which could be guessed using the remaining parts of the bombs. The Mohajer 6 UAV used Qaim-class ammunition, especially miniature Qaim-class bombs such as Qaim-1, because of the embarrassment of these tanks.

Another example of UAV export in our country is the export of Iranian RQ-170 UAV technology, a light model was seen in Venezuela, and according to the official announcement of the Venezuelans, this model was produced with joint cooperation.

One of the successful products of our country in the field of indigenous aircraft is the Fajr F3 aircraft, which has been developed in a marine version with the name Chekauk and is available to the Navy.

Chekauk is used in the army navy to train young and novice pilots of the naval unit

This aircraft was transported to Venezuela as assembled inside, and a number of them were built and put into service in Venezuela.

Well, aside from the discussion of aircraft, all kinds of artillery ammunition and rocket launchers, such as the 107mm 11-level rocket launcher, or long-range rocket launchers such as the Saman rocket launcher, or all kinds of domestically made RPGs, or Hadid series mortar launchers, and all kinds of anti-armor missiles such as Tofan, Tusan, Sa’eqah, Dehlawiyeh, Raad and… even drone control rooms and command control, electronic warfare system and dealing with micro-birds and… all of them are part of our country’s export products that have been exported to different countries in the world

Kaman 12

Release of the first image of the flight of the new reconnaissance/combat UAV Ababil-5

This drone is powered by Rotax 914 engine (the same engine as Shahid 129) and with the new pylons designed for it, it can carry 6 rounds of miniature bombs like Qaim. Due to the new engine and the longer wings as well as the front retractable landing gear, this drone has a higher speed and range than Mohajer 6.

In the picture, apparently this drone is being used in the role of electronic warfare (pay attention to the 2 appendages under the body)

Ababil-4 UAV launch with JATO mechanism from a commercial trailer. With this method, this drone can be flown without the need for a runway

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