Recent #Daesh Activity in Iraq and Syria

In their words


  • Army HQ attacked near Rutbah, 12+ casualties, 3 vehicles destroyed, HQ buildings torched
  • Polling center attacked in Daquq, 6 casualties among security forces, a 4WD vehicle damaged
  • Grad missile fired on a polling center in Baiji
  • 3 IEDs exploded on army convoy near Kabisa, 2 Humvees and a 4WD damaged, several soldiers on board killed and injured
  • Phantom Drone operated by army downed in Azim
  • 2 IEDs exploded on police convoy on Haditha – Baiji road, 2 Humvees and another vehicle destroyed, several policemen on board killed and injured
  • IED exploded on police vehicle in Daquq, 3+ casualties
  • PMF barracks attacked in Aali, 3 casualties
  • IED exploded on army 4WD near Kabisa, 2 casualties
  • IED exploded on army bulldozer in Azim, several casualties
  • Police vehicle ambushed in Buhriz, 2 casualties, vehicle torched
  • IED exploded on PMF Cougar MRAP vehicle near Haditha – Baiji road, several casualties
  • Police barracks attacked in Riyadh, 2 casualties, thermal camera destroyed
  • Spy collaborating with army killed in Ramadi
  • House of a national security official torched in Zor
  • 3 thermal cameras destroyed in separate attacks in Banshaq, Irsim Darb and Azikind


  • Assad regime positions attacked in Jabal Bishri, 3 soldiers killed
  • Commander of Iranian-backed militia killed, 3 fighters injured in Homs desert
  • PKK vehicle ambushed in Takihi, 3 casualties
  • Regime soldier killed in eastern Hama
  • Pro-Assad fighter killed in Deir Ezzor desert
  • Regime soldier killed in Albu Kamal