Recent #Daesh Activity in Africa

In their words


  • IED exploded on an armored vehicle of army in central Sinai, 4 casualties


  • IED exploded on police 4WD vehicle in Mogadishu, 5 casualties


  • At Least 15 Christians killed in Kalimbo, several houses burned down
  • Mangazi and Dodoma villages attacked, 9 Christians killed, several houses burned down
  • Army barracks attacked in Rwenzori, 4+ casualties, barracks burned down
  • Liquor truck torched near Kiliya, army vehicle damaged
  • 2 soldiers killed in Libkora
  • Army barracks attacked in Makomo, several soldiers killed and one captured
  • Soldier killed in Basho
  • Army barracks attacked in Kaidibo, soldiers fled, militants seized weapons and supplies, and burned down the barracks


  • Joint camp of Nigerian and Cameroonian armies attacked in Wulgo, 18 casualties
  • Army convoy ambushed near Munguno, 15+ casualties, 4 vehicles destroyed
  • Army base attacked in the capital of Borno state Maiduguri, several casualties
  • Army barracks attacked in Kumchi, 7+ casualties, 2 vehicles destroyed and another seized
  • 2 army vehicles destroyed by IED explosions near Katavila, 5+ casualties
  • Army checkpoint attacked in Tasmukawa, 8+ casualties, 4WD vehicle torched and two others seized
  • Army barracks attacked in Ladari, several casualties
  • Army base attacked in Nagamdo, armored vehicle destroyed, fire broke out in the barracks
  • Communication tower of Nigerian government destroyed in Askira Ouba
  • Mortar shelling on army base in Malam Fattori, several casualties, extensive material damage
  • Mortar shelling on army base in Goniri
  • Mortar shelling on army base in Malam Fattori, several injuries