Below is part of an English translation from the Islamic State. The content is quite interesting and very enlightening.  Let us begin:

We also comfort the people of truth amongst the Muslims, east and west, especially the leaders and scholars of Jihad in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Arabian Peninsula, Somalia, the Islamic Maghreb, and Al-Sham, and we will never forget the delight of our eyes in the honorable and defiant Caucasus, and also the Philippines, Indonesia and Nigeria; we comfort them by informing them that the leadership of the Islamic State of Iraq, Allah willing, is in strong and trustworthy hands, and its affairs have been decided and are under control. Allah willing, Islam will never be harmed from its side. The two sheikhs, may Allah have mercy on them, and the Shura Committee had prepared well for this day in advance, deciding what would happen in this situation. And how could they not do so, when there was no time in which the two Sheikhs were not confronted with death, their explosive jackets always on their chests.

At this time, we remind and give glad tidings to our brothers in religion and the supporters of the Islamic State everywhere whose hearts were attached to the two Sheikhs, that the martyrdom of the leaders at times of battle is a natural consequence of Jihad and is the Way of Allah in regards to His creation. We are certain that this is a sign of the correctness of the path and the truthfulness of those upon it, and that their blood is a cause of increased blessings, sovereignty and victory from Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. By Allah, no knight dismounted his horse in this battle except that through his blood, Allah granted us such victories that we could never have imagined. The blessings in our Jihad are due to the blood of our leaders.

Remain firm, our brothers in Tawheed, on your path of goodness and support of Allah’s religion and his beloved slaves. Proceed on the path for which these two Sheikhs were martyred, and make their blood a light and a fire: a light to illuminate your path and ease its hardships, and a fire for the enemies of Islam :

لا یحُِبُّ الظَّالِمِینَ﴾ الَّذِینَ آمَنوُا وَیتَخَِّذ مِنكُمْ شُ ھَداَء وَا ّ  ﴿إنِ یمَْسَسْكُمْ قرَْحٌ فقَدَ مَسَّ الْقوَْمَ قرَْحٌ مِّثلْھُ وَتلِْكَ الأیاَّمُ ندُاَوِلھَُا بَیْنَ الناَّسِ وَلِیعَْلمََ

The content is very timely and the complete document is linked below as a PDF (clean):

An English Translation of Al-Fajr’s Statement

Al-Fajr MediaWhat is most interesting is the date of the document: Spring 2010 

Not much has changed with respect to the messaging. Not much has changed with their cause and global alignment to establish a Caliphate. So let us not be surprised at the status of Daesh and their movements in Iraq and Syria. Let us know be surprised at their perseverance and focus.  This is not new.

By Treadstone 71

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