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Orad Israel security company leak , devices for support IDF, worldwide military contractor, Israel!
"Security & perimeter defense

important ip , device , ics, plc and ... on israel

military :
Energy Monitoring System :
fuel tank and AIO : #Hacked
fuel :
gas :
ot sys :
ics :
Trian :

Orad’s prisons end-to-end solutions increase prison’s staff security by providing automated command and control applications while significantly improving inmates monitoring and surveillance.

Borders and Military Bases

Each Borders and military bases protection concept combines mechanical protection and electronic surveillance. Superior video analysis systems and most advanced intrusion detection technologies are integrated under central command and control room to insure optimal security solution.

L1ID FaceExaminer Workstation

FaceExaminer Workstation is face recognition solution to analyze faces from CCTV footage and surveillence tapse. This unique, revolutionary application helps you analyze, search and identify faces of wanted subjects taken from CCTV cameras.

Orad Clients

Airports & Aviation

Ben-Gurion Airport
Israel Aerospace Industries
Israel Airports Authority

Oil and gas

Delek Petroleum
Dor Alon Petroleum
Oil Refineries
Paz Oil and chemicals
Petroleum Energy Infrastructures
Pi-Glilot Petroleum Terminals and Pipelines
Sonol Petroleum


Haifa Oil Port
Haifa Port
Israel ports development and assets company
Zim maritime lines

Train Terminals

Tel Aviv Central Station
Tel Aviv Hahagana Station

Critical Infrastructure

Hasharon Prison
Israel Defense Forces HQ and bases
Israel Electric Corporation
Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office
Israel’s security fence
Ketziot Prison
Mekorot Israel National Water Company
Shata Prison

Logistics Centers

Agrexco Agricultural Export
Alliance tire company (1992) Ltd.
American Israeli paper mills
Delek Motors
Kocks krane Int"l (Germany)
Mediterranean Car Agency
Nesher- Israeli cement works
Nilit Ltd.
Tnuva (Alon Tavor Dairy plant)

Food Industry

Beit Hashita-Asis
Hod Hefer
Off Haemek
Off Tov
Soda Club
Tnuva (Yoplait)
Unilever best foods Israel

University Campuses

Bar-Ilan University
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Tel Aviv University
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Weizmann Institute of Science

Telecommunications & Media

Orange Israel

High Technology

Rafael - Armament development authority
Tower semiconductors

Chemicals& Pharmaceutical

Alfa Cosmetics
Bromine Factories
Carmel Olefins
Dead Sea Works
DSW Magnesium
Elgat Chemicals
Gadiv petrochemicals industries
Gadot biochemical
Galil Chemicals
Haifa chemicals
Israel Chemicals
Makhteshim Agan
Rotem fertilizers
Sodes (France
Teva pharmaceutical industries

Financial Institutions

Bank Hapoalim
Bank Leumi
Bank Mizrahi Tefahot
Bank of Israel
Bank Otzar Hahayal
CNB Bank (Nigeria)
First International Bank of Israel
Israel Diamond Exchange
Israel Discount Bank
Migdal Insurance

Retail Facilities & Shopping Malls

Blue Square-Israel
Givatayim Mall
Herzliya Mall
Holon Mall
Karmiel Mall
Lod Mall
Nazareth Mall
Netanya Mall
Petah Tikva Mall
Ramat Aviv Mall
Ramat Gan Mall
Rosh Ha’ayin Mall

Traffic Management

Arazim tunnel (Jerusalem)
Dynamic toll system (Tel Aviv freeway)
Urban management system (Petach Tikva)

Smart City

Rishon LeZion Municipality
Tel Aviv Municipality

Clean technologies

Israel Electric Corporation (Biogas system)
Kishon river authority
Mekorot Israel National Water Company
Tel Aviv Municipality"


5. iP Camera cctv Hacked on israel :

F. Database of business enterprises
1. OHCHR identified that 112 of the 188 business enterprises considered for
inclusion in the database met the required standard of reasonable grounds
to believe involvement in one or more of the listed activities.These are
set out immediately following. Seventy-six of the 188 business
enterprises did not meet the standard of proof, and were not included in
the database.7
a. Business enterprises involved in listed activities
No. Business Enterprise Category of State concerned
listed activity
1 Afikim Public E Israel
Transportation Ltd.
2 Airbnb Inc. E United States
3 American Israeli Gas E, G Israel
Corporation Ltd.
4 Amir Marketing and G Israel
Investments in
Agriculture Ltd.
5 Amos Hadar Properties G Israel
and Investments Ltd.
6 Angel Bakeries E, G Israel
7 Archivists Ltd. G Israel
8 Ariel Properties Group E Israel
9 Ashtrom Industries G Israel
10 Ashtrom Properties G Israel
11 Avgol Industries 1953 G Israel
12 Bank Hapoalim B.M. E, F Israel
13 Bank Leumi Le-Israel E, F Israel
14 Bank of Jerusalem Ltd. E, F Israel
15 Beit Haarchiv Ltd. G Israel
16 Bezeq, the Israel E, G Israel
Corp Ltd.
17 B.V. E Netherlands
18 C Mer Industries Ltd. B Israel
19 Café Café Israel Ltd. E, G Israel
20 Caliber 3 D, G Israel
21 Cellcom Israel Ltd. E, G Israel
22 Cherriessa Ltd. G Israel
23 Chish Nofei Israel G Israel
24 Citadis Israel Ltd. E, G Israel
25 Comasco Ltd. A Israel
26 Darban Investments G Israel
27 Delek Group Ltd. E, G Israel
28 Delta Israel G Israel
29 Dor Alon Energy in E, G Israel
Israel 1988 Ltd.
30 Egis Rail E France
31 Egged, Israel E Israel
Cooperative Society
32 Energix Renewable G Israel
Energies Ltd.
33 EPR Systems Ltd. E, G Israel
34 Extal Ltd. G Israel
35 Expedia Group Inc. E United States
36 Field Produce Ltd. G Israel
37 Field Produce G Israel
Marketing Ltd.
38 First International E, F Israel
Bank of Israel Ltd.
39 Galshan Shvakim Ltd. E, D Israel
40 General Mills Israel G Israel
41 Hadiklaim Israel Date G Israel
Growers Cooperative
42 Hot Mobile Ltd. E Israel
43 Hot Telecommunications E Israel
Systems Ltd.
44 Industrial Buildings G Israel
Corporation Ltd.
45 Israel Discount Bank E, F Israel
46 Israel Railways G, H Israel
Corporation Ltd.
47 Italek Ltd. E, G Israel
48 JC Bamford Excavators A United Kingdom
49 Jerusalem Economy Ltd. G Israel
50 Kavim Public E Israel
Transportation Ltd.
51 Lipski Installation G Israel
and Sanitation Ltd.
52 Matrix IT Ltd. E, G Israel
53 Mayer Davidov Garages E, G Israel
54 Mekorot Water Company G Israel
55 Mercantile Discount E, F Israel
Bank Ltd.
56 Merkavim E Israel
Technologies Ltd.
57 Mizrahi Tefahot Bank E, F Israel
58 Modi'in Ezrachi Group E, D Israel
59 Mordechai Aviv Taasiot G Israel
Beniyah 1973 Ltd.
60 Motorola Solutions B Israel
Israel Ltd.
61 Municipal Bank Ltd. F Israel
62 NaamanGroup Ltd. E, G Israel
63 Nof Yam Security Ltd. E, D Israel
64 Ofertex Industries G Israel
1997 Ltd.
65 Opodo Ltd. E United Kingdom
66 Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal E, F Israel
67 Partner Communications E, G Israel
Company Ltd.
68 Paz Oil Company Ltd. E, G Israel
69 Pelegas Ltd. G Israel
70 Pelephone E, G Israel
Communications Ltd.
71 Proffimat S.R. Ltd. G Israel
72 Rami Levy Chain Stores E, G Israel
Hashikma Marketing
2006 Ltd.
73 Rami Levy Hashikma E, G Israel
Communication Ltd.
74 Re/Max Israel E Israel
75 Shalgal Food Ltd. G Israel
76 Shapir Engineering and E, G Israel
Industry Ltd.
77 Shufersal Ltd. E, G Israel
78 Sonol Israel Ltd. E, G Israel
79 Superbus Ltd. E Israel
80 Supergum Industries G Israel
1969 Ltd.
81 Tahal Group E Netherlands
International B.V.
82 TripAdvisor Inc. E United States
83 Twitoplast Ltd. G Israel
84 Unikowsky Maoz Ltd. G Israel
85 YES E Israel
86 Zakai Agricultural G Israel
Know-how and inputs
87 ZF Development and G Israel
88 ZMH Hammermand Ltd. G Israel
89 Zorganika Ltd. G Israel
90 Zriha Hlavin G Israel
Industries Ltd.
a. Business enterprises involved as parent companies
No. Business Enterprise Category of listed State concerned
91 Alon Blue Square E, G Israel
Israel Ltd.
92 Alstom S.A. E, G France
93 Altice Europe N.V. E Netherlands
94 Amnon Mesilot Ltd. E Israel
95 Ashtrom Group Ltd. G Israel
96 Booking Holdings Inc. E United States
97 Brand Industries Ltd. G Israel
98 Delta Galil Industries G Israel
99 eDreams ODIGEO S.A. E Luxembourg
100 Egis S.A. E France
101 Electra Ltd. E Israel
102 Export Investment E, F Israel
Company Ltd.
103 General Mills Inc. G United States
104 Hadar Group G Israel
105 Hamat Group Ltd. G Israel
106 Indorama Ventures G Thailand
107 Kardan N.V. E Netherlands
108 Mayer's Cars and E Israel
Trucks Co. Ltd.
109 Motorola Solutions B United States
110 Natoon Group E, D Israel
111 Villar International G Israel
a. Business enterprises involved as licensors or franchisors
No. Business Enterprise Category of listed State concerned
112 GreenkoteP.L.C. G United Kingdom
G. Removal from the database
1. A business enterprise may provide information indicating that it is no
longer involved in the relevant listed activity. Where there are
reasonable grounds to believe that, based on the totality of the
information available, the business enterprise is ceasing or no longer
involved in the relevant activity, the business enterprise would be
removed from the database.
H. Recommendation
1. Resolution 31/36 contemplated that the database be updated annually.
OHCHR would recommend that the Human Rights Council establish a group of
independent experts, with a time-bound mandate, to report directly to the
Council for such a purpose.
1While resolution 31/36 refers to the occupied Syrian Golan, paragraph 17
requesting production of a database and the report of the independent
international fact-finding mission to which it refers pertains to the Occupied
Palestinian Territory only. Business enterprises involved in activities related
to the occupied Syrian Golan therefore do not fall within the present mandate.
2A/HRC/22/63, para. 96.
3(a) The supply of equipment and materials facilitating the construction and
the expansion of settlements and the wall, and associated infrastructures; (b)
The supply of surveillance and identification equipment for settlements, the
wall and checkpoints directly linked with settlements; (c) The supply of
equipment for the demolition of housing and property, the destruction of
agricultural farms, greenhouses, olive groves and crops; and (d) The supply of
security services, equipment and materials to enterprises operating in
4A/HRC/37/39, para. 8.
5A/HRC/37/39, para. 20.
Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights: Implementing the United
Nations “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework, (2011).
7With respect to three listed activities (c), (i) and (j), OHCHR did not
identify any business enterprise satisfying the standard of reasonable grounds
to believe involvement consistent with the definitional approach set out above.

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