Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 05.01.2013 No. 31 (secret)

The Americans do not share information, psychological, cyber operations, electronic warfare, considering them as an equal “domain” of the Joint Battle Space in Multidomain Operations, on a par with space, air, land and water.

US KNS Doctrine:
JDN 3-16 Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations
US KNS guidelines:
P 3-13 Information Operations
JP 3-12 Cyberspace Operations
JP 3-13.1 Electronic Warfare
Field Manual of the U.S. Army:
FM 3-12 Cyberspace and Electronic Warfare Operations

Russia is awake and is taking appropriate measures.

We would like more integration of interdepartmental means, and in the military sphere – interspecific. It is advisable to form cyber polygons (a functional analogue of military training grounds) for testing and checking hardware and software defense and attack in the field of CII and EMF.

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 05.01.2013 No. 31 (secret) “On the creation of a state system for detecting, preventing and eliminating the consequences of computer attacks on information resources of the Russian Federation” – (GosSOPKA-ITV, GosSOPKA-IPM, Information Security Center of the FSB RF)

Federal Law No. 187-FZ of July 26, 2017 “On the Security of the Critical Information Infrastructure of the Russian Federation”
FSTEC RF requirements for intrusion detection systems, anti-virus protection, trusted loading, control of removable media
Cyberattacks on the information systems of the Russian Ministry of Defense with the aim of disrupting and disrupting their functioning.
2019 – more than 20,000
2020 – more than 30,000
2021 – for two months over 6000
The average monthly number of cyberattacks is growing:
2019 – around 1600
2020 – over 2500
2021 – more than 3000
Cyberattacks are mainly carried out from the territory of North America and Europe, including the closest neighbors unfriendly to Russia.
The functioning of the information systems of the Ministry of Defense has not been disrupted.