Body Armor for the Upcoming Battle – Seditionists Plan

Hello fellow patriots. Are you properly stocked up for the coming violence? Are you geared up to fight ANTIFA and Joe Biden’s pedophile vampires in the streets? Do you have adequate protection for you and your family? Do you lack the funds for true class four ceramics? Do you find the likelyhood of being wasted by some cold war memer with a 20inch M16A1 firing green tips unlikely? Then boy oh boy do I have a product for you. Only the best in affordable protection. AR500 brand AR500 Steel Armor plates.

Worried about spalling? Worry not patriots for an extra charge we’ll spray that bad boy down in truckbed liner.

Worried about those pesky NIJ Standards? Well… who cares we’re not fucking certified. Give us your money before the end times come upon us. We’ll keep you and your family safe. Trust your heart with our steel.

Only piece of advice I can confidently pass on my from weekend.
1.Win the gunfight
2.Never fight fairly
3.Look good while doing it, in case someone is recording.

– From a based fren

One thing you’re going to have to realize in the coming days is this:

Most people have not experienced true hardship. They haven’t gone hungry for an extended period of time or been exposed to a high level of violence. These ANTIFA LARPs think they’re ready but there’s videos of them absolutely losing their shit when they obtain small little boo boos during protests.

Hell many people don’t even do their yard work and vehicle maintenance, saying instead “we have people for that”, and refusing to get their hands dirty for the simplest of tasks.

Just remember that a lot of these soft types of people are going to give in and betray their ideals for comfort. Comfort is probably the biggest demotivating factor in the modern world. And, it will be seeking comfort that causes citizens in the cause to betray each other. Lack of comfort will turn your smiling neighbor into a paranoid psycho who has obsessive thoughts about killing you for your last can of beans.

So, those who think we’re all going to just put on our plates and march with AR15s on [SET DAY] and none of us will die, and our body armor will protect all wounds, and all the militay will run from fear…. well that’s a comfort fantasy. Things aren’t gonna be solved over night and the biggest battles aren’t going to be won by people marching in the street.

However, it can be done. Despite the US military’s propoganda, Vietnam wae was an absolute failure because the citizens were doing absolutely everything they could to fight the foreign invaders. More bombs were dropped on Vietnam than the entirety of WW2, yet they didn’t give up.

So, just know what you’re getting into in the future if things really kick off. Lack of comfort is going to drive people literally insane (at least in the short term) and many who’ve lead decadent lives such as grifters whining about losing money and followers will probably resort to suicide or betray anyone and everyone the can in a desperate attempt to regain a comfortable status.

“Oh my Gawsh, this sounds terrible what do I do?”

This is why we’ve been hammering in prepping this past year.

Get your food storage together.

Practice with your weapons. Instead of spending the weekend watching pornography and playing call of duty, go on a camp out and take some long hikes while you’re out there.

Practice fasting to attune your body to hunger. Intermittent fasting is probably the easiest and most garunteed successful way to lose weight.

Start learning how to fix and maintain your own shit. Getting raped at the mechanics shop or by a contractor sucks anyways so it’s a win-win situation.

Anyone have a copy of the template for the Ashli Babbit posters that are being printed and put up by some?

The one we’ve been seeing is white background.

If you are from Missouri…we have a state chat room