Iranians Furious at Identity Theft by IRGC’s Instagram Ripoff

Iranians Furious at Identity Theft by IRGC’s Instagram RipoffIranWire / 11min

Iranian social media users have denounced a domestic messaging app, Rubika, for serial identity theft. The row broke out at the weekend after Twitter user and social media marketing specialist Houman Ghorbanian searched for his name on Rubika. He discovered the app had registered a fake account using his name and photo, crawling and uploading all his real Instagram posts onto the fake page on a daily basis. Within a few hours, hundreds of Twitter users were posting identical allegations. The furious victims included ordinary citizens, footballers and artists.

The Rubika scandal comes just after the hugely controversial “Bill for the Protection of Cyberspace Users”, which proposes to drastically limit Iranians’ access to the world wide web and put the military in control of internet traffic, was approved by parliament. Foreign social media platforms such as WhatsApp are set to be blocked in Iran if they don’t adhere to internal rules, leaving many Iranians with no option but to use domestic copycat versions. The Rubika debacle has led many to suspect that either the app’s developers or the Iranian authorities are trying to lend these new platforms greater credibility, making bogus accounts to give a false impression of the user base

Version 2.7.3 Rubika has been released.

Emoji slider widgets, polls and time in story
Improved Robino image and video loading speed

Choose theme and dark mode
Ability to set the last time online display
Private channel and the possibility of creating a membership link
Signature on the channel
Ability to time spacing between user messages in the group

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