US Election Dump – at own risk

We are releasing a small portion – preview, data that was taken from the entities, involved in Russian sponsored US President Election compaign. Ukraininan hacking group (OCTOPUS) that is in close connection with FSB and Rudi Giuliani/Trump has been delivering vital data that was taken from US President J.Biden and his son by hacking into his icloud account at, Burisma files also contained subsequent data transfers of hundreds of US companies which were used to manipulate the Election process such as Dollman Wise (NY) and Gil Lazarus (NY), Having substantial Ukraine parliament deputies (S.Leschenko) that support this, the scheme lead to RANS Corp /Zahar Smushkin (Wood) and massive TRUMP HOLLYWOOD Miami sale of appartments to russian FSB operatives, including Ukrainian hackers / parliament deputies involved.

The issue of legalization of property and cash is overseen by

1). James Langdon “Akingrup”Solution Point International, Inc. Company owners, Rudolph Juliani and Bart Schwartz.
2). CRUMPTON GROUP LLC. The owner of the company, Mr. Henry Crumpton, the former Deputy Director of the CIA, headed the internal counterintelligence. Commanded the special forces of the CIA in Afghanistan. He was also the head of the US Department of State Department of the US Department of State.
3). Mr. Chip Poncy. Former head of the financial intelligence of the US Treasury. He was responsible for overlapping the financing channels of terrorists. Today is today the official consultant of the US Department of Finance. Four).
4).  Israeli company Argentum, Ltd, headed by the former general Shabak, Mr. Ofer Dekel. He was responsible for safety in the Gaza Strip. five).
5). Mark A. Cagemi. The recent head of the customs, border and immigration service of the United States (ICE). In America, this is a single structure.
6).  James. C. Langdon. American law firm Akin Gump. The man was an adviser to President Bush Senior on National Security.

The same group was responsible for P.Manafort extortion and we are releasing intercepted voice of Kathleen Manafort and Paul Manafort as a sample.

We are eager to cooperate with US Authorities and journalist and eager to share the whole collection of data including all the emails, icloud data and financial statements in support of illegal operation, including the whole story behind Miami Trump Hollywood and Zahar Smushkin Empire.  welcome to write us with your inquieries,