Registration – Selection and Recruitment Office of the 65th NOHED Brigade based in Tehran #PowerfulGhosts

Place of Registration: Selection and Recruitment Office of the 65th Brigade based in Tehran, Afsariyeh, Hijrat Blvd.

All high school diploma courses except horticulture, agriculture, livestock, animal husbandry
With a minimum grade point average of 13 in total and 10 in writing

The minimum age of the volunteers is 17 years and the maximum age is 21 years, of course, the military service is added to the age.

Due to the 24-hour training course, the registration of married candidates is prevented.

Contact number: Call this number during office hours.  02133233025

Opportunity to register until 1400/04/01

There is no almsgiving in the grade point average with an attitude towards the goal of recruiting and attracting top and right people

Volunteers should not have overtime due to delays in deployment.

Military channel of the 65th Brigade of the Nineteenth Airborne Special Forces – Green Hats Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran

#powerfulghosts, 65th NOHED Brigade