The first images received from the explosion and extensive fire in Zargan power plant in Ahwaz.

A video of today’s incident at Karun / Mahshahr Petrochemical
Chlorine gas leakage in unit 113 of Karun Mahshahr Petrochemical Complex has caused gas poisoning and poisoning of a number of employees of this complex.

Chlorine gas leak at Karun Petrochemical sent at least 70 workers to Mahshahr Petrochemical Industries Hospital.

The CEO of the company says that the cause of the accident is still unknown and some poisoned people are still hospitalized.
According to the engineers of the complex, the cause of the accident was the breaking of one of the gas transmission pipes. Therefore, the possibility of a cyber attack is almost ruled out. However, a series of fires in industrial areas are exacerbating the scandal of targeted sabotage and should be pursued by the authorities.

#Ahwaz_Mayor confirmed the occurrence of the explosion in this city and said that the reason for the fire was the explosion of the transformer in the power plant.
Ebrahim Ghanbari told IRNA that the accident was reported at #Zargan_Power and the rescue forces were sent to the area at 3:30 PM today, but the dimensions of the accident are still unknown.

Shahid Madhaj (Zargan) power plant in Khuzestan: At 15:27 today, a fire broke out in the transformer of Zargan power plant, which was solved at 15:48, this incident lasted 20 minutes.


Natanz and Ahwaz

In both the facilities, there is the same Power Station that responsible for producing the power of the facilities. Regulating electricity is carried out through automation and industrial controllers That can be manipulated by cyber attack.


Where is Zargan power plant?
‌ #Mahid_Shahid_Madhaj power plant or its old name #Zargan_Ahvaz  (Ahwaz) has been built on the 5th kilometer of Ahvaz-# Masjed-e-Soliman road on a land with an area of ​​about 45 hectares. ‌ This power plant belongs to Saba Electricity and Energy Company, which is affiliated with the #Iran Foundation for the Underprivileged.

…following the announcement of the fire incident in Ahvaz’s Shahid Madahj power plant, firefighters were immediately dispatched to the scene.
He continued: “Currently, firefighters and rescuers are present in the accident area.”

Shahid Madhaj power plant (Zargan, Ahvaz) has two steam section units with a capacity of 145 MW.

Pictures of the fire control caused by the explosion of the transformer in the Zargan power plant in Ahvaz.

Is the real reason for these explosions
And fires are a technical flaw and negligence!

The exact information about the explosion in Parchin and Sinai Clinic in Tehran and the fire in Shiraz power plant has not been announced yet. Part of Zargan power plant in Ahvaz caught fire at 3 pm yesterday (Saturday).
Chlorine gas leaks at Karun Petrochemical Complex have been reported to be the cause of the fire. Deficiency of equipment has also been declared as a reason. The number of employees who have been bitten has risen to 70, but no one has died.
With this fire, the question is more serious that these accidents really happen due to a technical defect or other reasons. Regarding the explosion in Parchin, after some time, they finally claimed that the accident was caused by a cyber attack. Apparently, they found the easiest reason, because announcing that the explosion was caused by a bomb factory and internal sabotage made it much more difficult to explain to the people!

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