SIGS Webinar Debunking Myths of Threat Intelligence – Unfiltered Q&A with the Specialists

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Date of Event 9th June 2020, 4:00 pm
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4:00 – 5:00 pm Jeff Bardin, Chief Intelligence Officer at Treadstone 71
Jeff Bardin is the Chief Intelligence Officer for Treadstone 71 with extensive experience in cyber intelligence, adversary analysis, and research, cyber counterintelligence services and analysis, deception planning, and cyberoperations. He has BA Middle East Studies & Language from Trinity College and an MS in Information Assurance from Norwich University. Jeff attended the Defense Language Institute and the Middlebury College Language School for language training. Mr. Bardin also spent two+ years studying Russian history, literature, political systems, and language.

He lived and worked in the Mediterranean, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Persian Gulf Region, and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A USAF and US Army veteran, Jeff was an adjunct instructor of master’s programs authoring courses in cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, and cybercrime at Utica College of Syracuse University. Mr. Bardin has also appeared on CNN, CBS News Live, Fox News, BBC Radio, i24News, BBN, contributing bylines to Business Insider-inclusively.

Moderated by Laith Alkhouri, Intelligence & Security Advisor and CEO of CTI-ME
Laith Alkhouri is an intelligence and security advisor and CEO of newly-minted threat intelligence advisory CTI-ME, providing consultative services to the Public and Private sectors. Mr. Alkhouri has worked for many years in the security and threat intelligence field, helping clients advance their risk intelligence solutions and strategy architecture, focused on cyber terrorism and cybercrime.

He formerly cofounded risk intelligence company Flashpoint and has provided advisory to US and global law enforcement, financial sector, technology companies, and policy makers. Mr. Alkhouri is frequently cited in notable media outlets, including The New York Times, Reuters, NBC News and others, and is an advisor to a number of NGOs.

Debunking Myths of Threat Intelligence – Unfiltered Q&A with the Specialists
Cyber Threat Intelligence has been at the heart of the security architecture for a decade, and over the past five years, the concept — as evidence based knowledge, from context to mechanism, regarding threats and threat actors — and its applicability, have elicited the publication of thousands of papers and articles, with dozens, if not hundreds, of companies launching platforms and services that define security problems, analyze threats, and potentially solve them.

With that, we have also seen the emergence of threat intelligence feeds, threat intelligence platforms, investigative platforms, orchestration and automation platforms, and others. We’ve also seen the rise of buzzwords, the likes of machine learning, artificial intelligence, plug-n-play, deep and dark web, and dozens of others that are meant to grab the attention and be illustrated as, perhaps, a magic wand to solving persistent problems.

So, let’s dissect these issues and explore these topics with Jeff Bardin, a highly recognized threat intelligence specialist, whose many years of work in the public and private sectors exponentially added to many organizations’ cyber wellbeing and cyber vigilance. Jeff brings a pragmatic approach to security and threat intelligence, away from the buzzwords and away from the fluff talk.

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