Russian PMC’s Moran Security Group, Wagner, Redut-Antiterror, RSB Group…

Wagner group and Russian SOF in Syria

Wagner group providing security for arctic science mission

The US Armed Forces unit responsible for adapting army units to modern war conditions has prepared an analytical report on Russian private military companies (PMCs).  The target audience of this material is considered to be the commanders of the operational-tactical level of the American army.  The practical significance of the report assumes that American commanders understand what should be taken into account when planning operations if Russian PMCs operate in their area of responsibility.

Americans are paying attention to the fact that Russian PMCs are primarily an instrument of foreign policy.  They are used in high-risk operations where it is necessary to avoid official reports of high losses.  Based on this, the most dangerous scenario is considered to be a clash with a group of PMCs staffed following the example of a battalion tactical group.

The most likely scenarios: PMCs acting in the interests of disrupting US efforts to respond to the crisis, capturing and holding key areas or potential evacuation sites during American operations, cooperation with local militarized structures opposing the United States to provide weapons and training, intelligence support.

The main PMCs were considered Moran Security Group, Wagner, Redut-Antiterror, RSB Group, while it is worth noting that US intelligence is quite well aware of the leadership of some of them.

Of course, special attention was paid to the training of Wagnerians (the total number is estimated at at least 3000 people), in order to form an adequate perception among the American infantry, analysts included in the report information about a two-month course of combat training in Molkino (Krasnodar Territory) based on the 10th Special Forces brigade,  where PMC fighters train on T-72 tanks, Grad MLRS and other equipment.

Well, of course, what kind of report without specifying weaknesses, on which the Americans should press with all possible forces and means:
1) in the event of fire contact, use superiority in aviation technology to suppress and demoralize PMC fighters.
2) the moral and psychological state, especially after high-intensity hostilities, if the unit has suffered losses.  Pressuring with the help of psychological warfare units in order to provoke desertion and the state of the victims after the “meat grinder”
3) use the internal political situation in the country, the lack of a regulatory framework, support or benefits for members of Russian PMCs who return home, even wounded, find themselves in a position of being left to their own devices.
4) whenever possible, use PMC fighters who received combat experience and failed to realize themselves in civilian life, as well as those who adhere to extreme right-wing or radical views, for illegal activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Archival photo: “Moran Security Group” and the still unknown King of Kings at that time

Moran Security Group is an international group of companies offering premier security, transportation, medical, rescue, and consulting services.

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We maintain rigorous recruitment standards, certifying that our team members have acquired proper skills during military training and civil service.

We further ensure that our employees have achieved high-level professional competencies, with diverse backgrounds ranging from business and industry to security and the armed forces.

We offer targeted approaches in the world’s current hot spots, such as the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, which include the enlistment of local experts in these dynamic and highly sensitive environments.

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We employ top-drawer military and civil experts with specialized training and hands-on experience in critical countries throughout the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

We operate within the following legislative environment:

  • UN Security Council Resolution No. 1816;
  • UN Security Council Resolution No. 1838;
  • UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Article 105);
  • UN Charter (Article 51);
  • The Code of Conduct for International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement;
  • UN Mine Action Standard;
  • The laws and regulations of the host country.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest legal, ethical and professional standards. We fully respect all human rights. All staff members are of good character: They are honest, trustworthy, responsible, and disciplined, acting strictly in accordance with their job descriptions. The team abides by our clear policy prohibiting any demand for extra compensation for their services from the client.

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While operating, we use our battle experience, gained while serving in the army both in Russia and outside the country; we also use the experience of our lawyers, analysts, methodists, army doctors etc.

RSB-Group legally buys and stores the weapon outside of Russian Federation. These weapon is used for the protection of RSB-Group clients and staff. RSB-Group follows all international laws, conventions and other regulations that give rights on the stay of armed guards on the territory of countries.

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