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Paragraph 1

1.1: I undertake to fulfill and abide by the Charter of PMC Wagner-
1.2: Unquestioningly follow the orders of the PMC Wagner Command-
1.3: Carry and perform service in the areas of responsibility of PMC Wagner-
1.4: Use only the ammunition that is allowed in PMC Wagner-
1.5: Do not cast a shadow on the organization of PMC Wagner with your actions
1.6: Respect the civil rights of the population –
1.7: Comply with the law and the constitution –
1.8: When in service, use only weapons and equipment of the organization of PMC Wagner-
1.9: Notify the Command about the intercession and leaving the service and areas of responsibility of PMC Wagner-

Point 2

2.1: Do not disclose classified information PMC Wagner-
2.2: Not to disclose the current and completed contracts of PMC Wagner-
2.3: Do not disclose the client base of PMC Wagner-
2.4: Not to disclose what weapons the Wagner PMC uses
2.5: I undertake to ensure the safety of the property of Wagner PMC


1: I, (full name) personally signed this agreement
2: (Not / Confirm that): I am familiar with this agreement
3: (Not / Confirm that): I have no complaints about these points
4: (Not / Confirm that): I am aware and aware of responsibility for violations of the points


(“+”: I confirm, “-“: I deny)

Paragraph 1
1.1: +
1.2: +
1.3: +
1.4: +
1.4: +
1.5: +
1.6: +
1.7: +
1.8: +
1.9: +

Point 2
2.1: +
2.2: +
2.3: +
2.4: +
2.5: +


1: I, Gromov Sergey Alekseevich personally, signed this agreement
2: I confirm that: I am familiar with this agreement
3: I confirm that: I have no complaints about these points
4: I confirm that: I am aware and aware of the responsibility for violations of the points.

1: PMC Wagner Private Military Company performing a number of tasks associated with increased danger.
2: Each employee of the Wagner PMC must steadfastly and clearly fulfill their assigned tasks.
3: Listen to and follow orders from senior Officers and Superiors.

All of the following is a document (Charter) that regulates the actions of members of PMC Wagner on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The charter must be strictly enforced.
The head of a PMC is a person with the rank of “Commander”.
Command – persons with the rank of “Commander” and “Headquarters Moior”.
Contract – a document (contract) that can be concluded between PMC Wagner and you for various purposes.
Policy is an additional document regulating relations with other Groupings and State Structures and specific people on the territory of the Russian Federation
Emergency – “Black List”

All members of PMC Wagner are FORBIDDEN:

1: To chastise the Command / PMC member of Wagner with a higher rank in relation to yours.
2: Discuss Command orders.
3: Cooperate with the enemy.
4: Disclose group emergency situations and other materials not available to other players (customer base, full list of employees, etc.).
5: Unauthorized and without warning the Command to leave the designated areas of responsibility of PMC Wagner
6: Employees are not allowed to use and personally purchase ammunition and weapons from third parties.
7: Employees are prohibited from moving around in ammunition cities and with weapons outside of working hours.
8: Transfer, sell and purchase to third parties not related to Wagner PMCs weapons and ammunition of the Company. (If these connections and affairs are caught, the employee is dismissed in disgrace, see paragraph 5, paragraph 3)

All members of PMC Wagner MUST:

1. Read and know the Charter and Policy. Ignorance is no excuse.
2. Follow the orders of the Command.
3: Each employee of the Wagner PMC must steadfastly and clearly carry out their assigned tasks.
4. Keep the secrets of the grouping.
4.1. Do not disclose negotiations between members of the group.
4.2. Do not disclose faction orders.
5. Stay connected while playing
5.1. There are exceptions, the issue is being discussed with the Representative of Wagner PMC
6. Protect the territory of Wagner PMC and its property from enemy encroachments and timely report on threats.
7. Follow the instructions, the Wagner PMC Policy, the Wagner PMC Charter, and protect the honor and dignity of the PMC.
8. Fulfill all the obligations stipulated in the Contract with PMC Wagner, if any.
9. Use and equip your arsenal in accordance with the ammunition authorized and installed by Wagner PMC.

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