Predatory Sparrows after Adl Ali

Iran under the heaviest cyber attacks in history – #IRGC

“عدل علی” “گنجشک‌های درنده”

According to international sources: Cyber-attacks on the country’s infrastructure in recent months, first attributed to the “Adl Ali” group and then to the “Predatory Sparrows” group, from hacking the transportation system of trains and airports to cameras   #Evin prison and recently the country’s fuel supply system and …

Undoubtedly, it goes beyond group actions against the regime, because without the support of one or more governments, such a large scale of attacks is almost impossible.

Therefore, in order to find out the more accurate dimensions of these events, we must refer to the 8200 Israeli cyber unit, which has found accurate intelligence aristocracy inside Iran and is one of the top cyber and intelligence powers in the world.

The lack of a direct response to Israel’s actions in recent years has gradually brought the regime closer to Iran, and Iran must accept the fact that, although Israel alone is not the size of a rival or war with Iran, world powers from the United States to Europe and  Even China and Russia support this government.