The PLA command in the waters of the Taiwan Strait and the northwestern part of the Philippine Sea on June 21 conducted an exercise involving a group of 29 aircraft:
☑️ 1 Yun-9G electronic warfare aircraft;
☑️ 1 reconnaissance aircraft Yunzhen-8;
☑️ 6 Hun-6K bombers;
☑️ 1 tanker aircraft Yun-20U;
☑️ 2 AWACS Kunjing-500;
☑️ 1 anti-submarine aircraft Kunqian-200;
☑️ 8 Jian-16 air defense fighters;
☑️ 4 Su-30 fighters;
☑️ 5 Jian-11 fighters.

The new tanker aircraft Yun-20U of the PLA Air Force was involved in the exercise for the first time.

According to our assessment, a detachment of warships of the Navy of the Northern Fleet of the PLA was involved in the event, consisting of: destroyer (EM) with guided missile weapons (URO) “Lhasa” (b.n. 102) Type 055, EM URO “Chengdu” Type 052D, resupply transport of Dongpinghu Type 903 ships, which conditionally worked out air defense tasks to cover the PLA aviation group from a mock enemy attack from the northeast direction (Pacific Ocean).

By Treadstone 71

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