Iran Internet Bill Means Military Control of Cyberspace, Oppression, Flogging, Jail

A committee made up of the Intelligence Ministry, Revolutionary Guards, and the State Security Force will monitor social media, basically allowing the armed forces to take over Internet management and showing new internet repression.

If people or groups post things online that the government does not approve of, they can be subjected to Ta’zir punishments, including:

  • imprisonment (91 days to six months)
  • fines (ten to twenty million Rials
  • floggings (11-30 lashes)
  • social rights deprivation (up to six months)

Key internet controls used by the regime included:

  • Social media or communications platforms blocked
  • Political, social, or religious content blocked
  • Pro-government commentators manipulate online discussions
  • Blogger or ICT user arrested, imprisoned, or in prolonged detention for political or social content
  • Blogger or ICT user physically attacked or killed (including in custody)
  • Technical attacks against government critics or human rights organization