Tests of weapons systems of the modernized Chinese reconnaissance and attack unmanned aerial vehicle Beihang BZK-005C developed by Beihang Unmanned Aircraft System Technology from Taizhou.

The device has four weapons suspension assemblies. The maximum take-off weight is 1.5 tons. The wingspan of the BZK-005C reaches 18 m. The length of the device is 9.85 m. The height is 2.5 m. The drone has the same pusher propeller, double-girder tail unit and inclined stabilizers as the previously presented drone BZK-005, which is already in operation by the Chinese military. However, the BZK-005 has a lower maximum take-off weight compared to the BZK-005C – 1250 kg.
The upgraded drone is capable of carrying 370 kg of payload. The service ceiling is 7.5 km. The flight duration is 40 hours. BZK-005C is capable of speeds up to 200 km / h.

By Treadstone 71

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