Crimea SF Groups – Russia

10 special forces groups have been deployed to Crimea, which are working with UAVs.
The tasks of the groups include:
– suppression of enemy UAVs using their own flying objects.
– attack on enemy targets using your own UAVs
– work in groups from UAVs (the Russians have already practiced the work of about 50 UAVs of various modifications at the same time).  According to rumors, such a massive attack could destroy a military airfield with air defense systems and equipment.
– protection of their own territories using UAVs
– reconnaissance using UAVs
– UAV attack against moving naval targets
According to rumors that have not yet been verified, several such groups have already been formed in the LPNR under the clear supervision of the Russians.
The source adds that such teams are classified as rapid response teams.  The transfer and deployment is lightning fast and takes little time, and the damage and efficiency are maximum.

командование сил специальных операций; KCCO,  Komandovanie sil spetsial’nalnykh operatsii; KSSO or KSO